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Collaboration Trends for Huddle Rooms

We recently talked about High Value Huddle Spaces. The concept of the “Huddle”- whether it’s the act of meeting or the room itself, is trending in the world of workplace collaboration. This trend has been driven by our changing workplace. Today, there are fewer and fewer formal, standardized meetings. Meetings are no longer just a single leader talking to an audience, or someone providing status updates and read-outs. Today’s workers expect to get work done in meetings and huddles. Moreover, they expect their huddle rooms to deliver an experience that accomplishes this goal.

Analyst firm, Recon Research, was one of the first to shed light on the importance of huddle rooms. In their latest whitepaper, “The Power of the Huddle Room”, Recon Research discusses the huddle room concept, and how they differ from traditional conference rooms, while exploring the real business case for organizations to prioritize huddle rooms, and delivering actionable considerations for how to best equip huddle rooms to maximize their value.

Traditionally, meetings occurred in formal conference rooms equipped with extensive room systems. They required pre-planning, needed IT support, and didn’t provide a productive user experience. Now, that has changed. Organizations are realizing the business value of having different types of meeting spaces. Recon Research has discovered how many meetings, normally held in standard integrated meeting rooms, are now happening in smaller, less formal spaces, as shown in this diagram from the paper:

What Makes Up a Huddle Room?
Recon Research estimates that there are approximately 30-35 million huddle rooms in the world today, and the number is growing by approximately 15-25% each year. These rooms can vary according to look and feel. Those behind the huddle rooms and spaces in an organization – the name, the furniture, the décor – is greatly influenced by the organization’s culture and work style.

This brings us to the other critical component of what is needed to equip a huddle room. Recon Research says that Huddle Room tech should be easy and simple to install, acquire, use and manage. This means –

  • Using as few devices as possible (to minimize cost and simplify procurement) from as few vendors as possible (to avoid integration issues, finger-pointing, and workflow problems)
  • Using devices that can be installed easily and quickly by resources with little or no experience (to expedite installations, minimize cost, and allow for easy maintenance)
  • Designing systems that can be used by anyone without requiring any training or support
    (to maximize adoption and utility, while avoiding excessive support costs)

Remote Monitoring and Management? Yes, Please.
One 'must-have' for huddle room technology is a way to monitor and manage these rooms. Recon Research strongly encourages remote monitoring and management to:

  • Protect the meeting experience and avoid wasting the users’ time.
  • Dramatically increase the efficiency, scalability, and responsiveness of support staff.
  • Provide valuable infrastructure insight, allowing organizations to right-size their meeting environment, make smart investments, and empower users.

Finding the Huddle Room That’s Right for You
In their paper, Recon Research provides a helpful guide to objectively assess available room systems and outfit huddle rooms in your organization. Recon provides a checklist including:  Ease of Deployment, Feature Set, Ease of Use and Workflow, Quality of Experience, Monitoring, Management and Support, Trust in Vendor and Cost. Organizations can adjust the scale and considerations in this model to fit their needs.

The Benefits of Cloud Service for Huddle Rooms
Cloud services meet requirements for effectively equipping huddle rooms, according to Recon. These services are easy to buy, require minimum hurdles to install and deploy, plus are simple to use. As the number of huddle rooms increase, cloud services are more cost effective and less burdensome for conferencing.

Empower Your Organization with Huddle Rooms
Read the white paper: “The Power of the Huddle Room” to learn more about why huddle rooms and spaces are so important and how huddle rooms can empower your organization. To learn more about how BlueJeans powers your Huddle rooms and spaces, visit BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room and BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service or contact us today!


About Recon Research
Recon Research (RR) is an analyst and market research firm focused on the enterprise communications space.  Their areas of coverage include unified communications, video conferencing, collaboration and ideation, audio visual AV solutions, wireless presentation, and more.

Recon provides enterprise customers, vendors, channel partners, and investment professionals with the information and insight needed to make fact-based decisions.

What separates Recon is their depth of knowledge and experience that comes from 15+ years of company briefings, market analysis, and hands-on testing of communication products and services.

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