This week, BlueJeans hosted a customer webinar with Opus Interactive entitled, “Innovating Workplace Environments with Video Conferencing.” Jeremy Sherwood, VP of Business Development with Opus Interactive explained best practices for empowering his remote and on-site workforce with BlueJeans Meetings and Rooms. Given the widespread transition to remote work across the world, these best practices and unique use cases can be applied to any organization adjusting to the new routine.
Miss the live broadcast? Check out the recording here!
Here are the main takeaways Jeremy discussed with BlueJeans regarding their training, adoption, and innovative meetings from offices around the country.
COVID-19 and Global Remote Work
Q: What video conferencing advice can you offer admins and end users?
A: Turn on your camera! It may seem obvious but there are some new users that are unwilling to use this feature. If you think about the amount of time you already spend face to face with your team, why be shy about appearing on screen? You lose out on the non-verbal cues and gestures if you’re not utilizing your webcam. For admins, I highly recommend getting familiar with BlueJeans Command Center to manage your entire deployment from a remote location.
Opus Interactive & BlueJeans
Q: Why did you and your company decide to partner with BlueJeans?
A: We have three data centers across the country. Because we are always in the Cloud Operations Centers at our data centers with technicians working around the clock, both in offices as well as on data center floors installing, troubleshooting, and deploying cloud solutions and colocation for customers around the globe, we needed a way where the teams could be always connected with voice and video no matter where they are to bridge time zones and answer technical team members’ needs on the fly.
Dolby Audio for noise cancelation and HD video was key because of our dynamic working environments. The other huge benefit was the hot wall ability to have rooms open almost 24x7 and allow people to be able to join from any device to the Dolby rooms to get teams assistance any day and any time.
BlueJeans Deployment
Q: What were the specific steps involved in launching the new products?
A: We Installed three BlueJeans Dolby Voice Rooms into our Cloud Operations centers, and all team members installed the mobile apps to their devices to be able to join and connect in the datacenter.
We’ve experienced 30-50% improvement in team collaboration. BlueJeans has reduced the time it takes to resolve and deploy complex cloud solutions. We’ve also noticed an improvement in company culture across the US.
Conferencing Variety
Q: What kinds of meetings does Opus Interactive host with BlueJeans?
A: We use BlueJeans for internal project meetings, 1:1s and meet ups, department management calls, cross-functional planning, and extended staff meetings. Our customer-facing teams also use BlueJeans Meetings for sales and prospecting, support and customer care, and to manage our partnerships.
Most Innovative Use Case
Q: What are Opus “Hot Walls” and did you come up with the idea?
A: We use BlueJeans to enabe 24x7 hot walls that are always connected and the team is always able to see and talk to each other as if they were standing next to each other. Since there’s no invitation required, our technicians and support teams can simply say “hello” to the active BlueJeans hot wall and have a conversation. We use this to connect our data centers which are spread across the country — Oregon and Virginia. This has removed the barrier between sites and has unified our employees and customers’ success.
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