Webcasting has significantly increased in popularity in recent years, particularly as the challenges of 2020 forced many meetings, conferences, and other events to adapt to a virtual format. Both simple and complex webcast software programs are available, and choosing the right webcast production software for the needs of your business is key when it comes to getting the most out of your investment. Here are four important points to keep in mind when shopping for the best webcast software program for your business.

What Is Webcast Software?

Webcast production software is used to share live and recorded events online, such as webinars, videoconferences, meetings, online courses, virtual concerts, and other digital events. These events may simply be viewable by audience members, or they may work in an interactive format that includes live chats, polls, and other forms of audience participation to create an interactive experience that is closer to that of a live event. This type of software allows people from across the country or around the world to meet without leaving home.

How to Choose the Best Webcast Software

Choosing the best webcast software is a crucial aspect of creating the best viewing experience possible for your audience. Here are four of the most important things to look for when searching for the webcast production software that best meets your needs.
Although it is important to choose a webcast software program that is within your budget, you generally should not base your decision on price alone. Many free or extremely cheap programs come with few features, poor streaming quality, low maximum user numbers, and other issues that may negatively affect your webcast and the reputation of your company. Instead, research the features and reviews of several top webcasting software programs and select an affordable option that still meets your needs.
Making sure your new webcast production software does what you need it to do is crucial. Carefully consider the types of features you want your webcast software to include based on the types of content you plan to use it for, such as a comment section, polls, and a Q&A feature. You will also need to determine whether participants will need to have full microphone and camera capabilities for an interactive webcast or if your audience will only be viewing your webcast without actively participating.
Ability to Connect With Other Apps
Being able to stream your webcast to more than one location at a time can significantly increase the number of people who view your content and engage with it. If you are interested in sharing your webcast with users of multiple platforms, be sure to choose a webcast software program that is able to connect to Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube, Vimeo, an event website, your company or personal website, and any other apps you are interested in utilizing.
Recording Features
Be sure to consider what types of recording features you want your webcast production software to have before making a decision. Determine whether you want to be able to record your computer screen, PowerPoint slides, other visual tools, your own speaking, and your audience's comments. You will also need to decide whether you also want your audience to be able to record within the software or not in order to choose a program that permits, blocks, or gives you the ability to turn this feature on and off.
Webcasting can have a variety of benefits for both large and small businesses, and it is important to choose a webcast production software program that will be a good investment for your business. Your budget, the features you want, and whether you plan to connect your webcast software to other apps are among the most important points to consider, as well as any specialized needs of your business, in order to choose the best webcast software program for you.
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