When discussing the various web conferencing tools that are available for web conferencing, it is important to note that there are different products, solutions, and equipment that are available in order to increase the ability to communicate through the BlueJeans platform. From the best headset for web conferencing to cameras and other equipment, learn more about how to choose the best web conferencing tools.

The basic necessities needed to participate in a web conference include:

  • An internet connection and a browser on which to access the platform. BlueJeans is friendly with most popular browsers, including Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  • A video-enabled camera, such as the webcam included on your desktop computer, laptop device, or smart phone.
  • Account login information.

The Web Conferencing Tools You Need for Your Business

Because web-based video conferencing provides the ability for your team to connect without having to download an app or install software, it is easy to give your team this important collaborative option so they can keep in touch and deliver the products or services you are known for without a huge investment in hardware. However, there are several options for hardware that can take web conferencing to the next level.


BlueJeans works with most video conferencing equipment manufacturers to ensure that the headsets, cameras, and other high-end products you choose to purchase will work seamlessly with the platform. Some of the companies whose hardware we regularly work with or that our certified partners will gladly help you install include:

  • Dolby
  • Poly
  • Cisco
  • Logitech
  • Lifesize
  • Yealink

We have also ensured that our platform will work well with a number of cameras, microphones, and other conferencing equipment manufacturers in order to provide you with the ability to use the equipment that fits your budget and needs. Some of the popular brands whose equipment pairs well with BlueJeans include:

  • Aver
  • Crestron
  • Grandstream
  • Heckler Design
  • Huddly
  • Jabra
  • Kaptivo
  • Owl Labs
  • Phoenix
  • Sennheiser
  • Telycam
  • VDO360
  • Yamaha


BlueJeans' web-based video conferencing rooms provide a number of solutions for businesses, including:

  • Human resources solutions for virtual interviews or delivering training to employees.
  • Sales team solutions that allow team members to have face-to-face interactions with customers, providing an additional layer of customer service, even for customers who are on the other side of the world.
  • Collaboration between team members who are located in different areas, as well as between different departments, teams, or offices.
  • Global presentations for your entire staff.
  • The ability to offer your team the option of working remotely as a benefit of employment.

Built-in Platform Tools

BlueJeans' rooms, meetings, and events are simple for your team to connect with, scalable, and secure, meaning you can host your entire staff for a presentation, or you can provide a private meeting through which members of your team can discuss sensitive data without worry about your information being accessible by others. Some of the tools provided through the platform include:

  • One touch ability to schedule meetings, join a meeting or host one. It takes six seconds!
  • Use your favorite scheduling, messaging, and productivity tools while in the meeting.
  • Security measures such as meeting IDs and passcodes to ensure that only those you have invited can access your meeting.
  • A user-friendly command center that provides you a 360-degree view of in-meeting analytics, real-time alerts, network conditions, and user-focused ROI.
  • A convenient pricing structure that allows you only the amount of space in your meeting room that you need.

Let Us Help

BlueJeans is proud to offer a web-based video conferencing platform in order to help employers and employees to connect with each other and with the customers they serve. For more information about how our web conferencing solution and tools can help you boost productivity and provide your workers with the benefit of connection anywhere, contact us.

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