Virtual team events involve team building activities held over the internet by team members who cannot meet physically. Virtual team building events are designed to enhance communication and reinforce a team identity. Good virtual events will leave your team feeling as close as on-site teams.

Why team building is so important
Corporates can achieve significant objectives with a team that works together towards a common goal. Team building helps forge bonds and connections that are transferable to work to make execution more efficient. Let's explore the importance of team building and how it translates to performance in more detail.

Building interpersonal relations
Virtual corporate events improve interpersonal relationships between employees. It presents chances for team members to interact in a more casual and relaxed environment. Solving puzzles and cracking cases together also promotes collaboration at a personal level.

Builds trust
Trust is essential for effective teamwork. It motivates team members to know that they can count on their teammates. Trust also allows employees space and autonomy to make decisions and execute individual tasks. Additionally, trust gets employees to open up about their weaknesses and strengths.

Enhances communication
Employees working in a team need to communicate regularly about their tasks and project progress. Communication also helps employees to understand their roles in the team to avoid confusion and duplication of tasks.

Increased productivity
When teams find the most effective way to assign tasks, they complete projects faster and reduce costs, improving their overall bottom line.
Team building improves both individual productivity and the productivity of the organization as a whole. Organizations achieve their targets on time and deliver better results to customers.

Resolved conflicts
Disagreements are bound to arise when several people work together in a team. Such disagreements are primarily differences of opinions between people with different experiences and backgrounds. Team building events are the perfect opportunity to resolve conflicts amicably by turning them into practical and valuable lessons. Conflict resolution events aim to open team members to diverse opinions and perspectives.

The best virtual team events
The best virtual team events for your team will depend on the aspects you are trying to build or enhance in your team. There are four categories:

  • Events that build communication skills
  • Events that build problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  • Events that build planning and adaptability skills
  • Events that focus on building trust

Here are some of the best virtual team event ideas your teams can explore.

Virtual Escape Room
Assemble your virtual team to play detectives, solving a virtual heist by completing riddles, puzzles, and virtual trivia. This virtual team event fosters collaboration, brainstorming, and creative problem solving skills.

Virtual Clue Murder Mystery
Remote teams collaborate online to solve a murder by examining clues and reviewing case files. By participating in this event, team members develop their problem solving, analytical thinking, and communication skills.

Virtual Team Pursuit
It involves a series of online physical, mental, skills, and mystery challenges. In this team-building event, team members get to know their teammates better and showcase their hidden talents.

Virtual Happy Hour Trivia
This virtual event depicts a memorable happy hour with your old friends in a pub. Hosted by a hilarious pub owner, it is bound to leave the team with an unforgettable virtual experience.

Virtual team events are essential to keep your team connected and eliminate emotional distance and isolation. They also make remote teams feel close, build trust, and increase productivity. Many employees work remotely due to the pandemic, and virtual team events may be just what they need to keep them productive.
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