Remote work and online collaboration have become increasingly popular for many companies. In this blog post we will discuss what is a video teleconference and how to choose the best video teleconference service to benefit your organization.
The arrival of a global pandemic catapulted remote work as a convenience and often a necessity to keep your workforce safe. Many companies have implemented video conferencing software to maintain productivity as a result of travel restrictions and quarantines related to COVID-19.
Effective video conferencing requires more than a video call over the internet. Your business needs tools that allow you to collaborate remotely and communicate with customers or clients when necessary. Below we provide more information about video teleconferences, the benefits your organization can reap by adopting some type of video teleconference solution, and the additional features that make it worth your while to use a video teleconferencing service that provides more than a simple software solution.

What Is a Video Teleconference?

At its most rudimentary level, a video teleconference is an online meeting between two or more users that allows them to communicate in real-time via video. Early video teleconferences only included video calls or group conferences, but advanced technology makes today's video teleconferences highly useful forms of remote communication that often include a wide range of tools and features.

Why Should I Use Teleconferencing for Business?

Teleconferencing provides a wide range of benefits for businesses, making it a crucial tool to rely on for remote communication. Some reasons you should use teleconferencing for your business include:
Time Savings
You can have meetings with remote employees, colleagues, or clients from your home office, office, or meeting room without taking the time to travel to a meeting, whether down the hall, across town, or across the country. You can dedicate time saved on travel to and from on-site and off-site meetings on activities that directly promote or increase business growth, profits, and productivity.
Save Money
Business meetings and conferences cost money. The larger the event, the more money you need to spend to travel to a meeting or conference. Similarly, if your business hosts a large meeting or conference, you have expenses that sometimes include food, beverages, and more. Video teleconferencing saves you money when you do not have to spend money on travel and other provisions related to meetings and conferences.
Real-Life Interaction
Body language is a key part of communication that is not only important for social interactions but especially for business interactions. A video teleconference system allows you, your team members, and your clients to communicate face-to-face. Users can make eye contact with others and read emotions, body language, and other non-verbal communication.
Video Teleconferencing Services
A good video teleconferencing service includes much more than video calls. Companies typically provide a wide range of features that promote collaboration via video that enhances workflow. Many services offer capabilities such as screen sharing, slideshows, direct messaging, and project management tools. The best video teleconferencing services also integrate with other programs like Microsoft Teams and provide analytical capabilities as well as alerts and meeting highlights.
Remote work can present challenges. The additional feature that often accompanies video teleconferencing services helps your teams maintain productivity when working from home and allows you to have the important discussions you need with clients and customers who you cannot meet in person.
Choosing a video teleconferencing service can help your business save time, save money, and allow you to communicate with remote employees and clients efficiently. Additionally, video teleconferencing provides secure communication that is easy for your team members to learn and adopt. Meet the demands of a growing remote workforce and use a video teleconferencing service to provide the tools you need at your fingertips to hold meetings and host video conferences.