While filing taxes may be easy for some, there are those who have special situations that require a more seasoned professional to help navigate the hectic world of our federal tax code. I am one of those challenged individuals.

This past year my wife and I were married and had no clue what that meant for our filing status. Simply put, the tax experience was a train wreck. To complicate matters, our tax professional was also not equipped to handle what we felt were familiar items.

In the process of filing we ran into an issue where both my wife and I had so many questions. However the tax preparation professional just seemed disengaged. Each question we asked was unheard and never really addressed. As the process went on, we both became more and more dissatisfied. I started to wonder “Is this how clients think of Blue Jeans? Do we make any sense to people who may not be familiar with video communications or conferencing?”

Just as we were about to throw in the towel, a senior advisor helped both my wife and I. He clearly understood that there was a disconnect and was able to read our frustrations by asking some very direct and simple questions. Finally, this was someone who understood and could plainly communicate with us.

As I left the tax office, I felt a sense of satisfaction. The satisfaction was partially because my tax headaches were coming to conclusion, (for this year at least). But there was also a peripheral sense of self satisfaction. We have built a number of teams at Blue Jeans that help make sense out of an experience that is oftentimes new and confusing to many of our users. A lot of the time we interact with users who may have had challenges with their video deployments, or perhaps they never have used video because it was just not something they could spend the money or the time to understand. We focus on helping simplify those challenges.

In every aspect of the company I have been a part of here at Blue Jeans, from helping build support, customer success, and sales organizations. One thing we always recognize is that the customers may not always understand the complexities of the industry; to that end we continually focus on simplicity, experience, and overall satisfaction. Just like the senior advisor at the above mentioned tax service, we know that not one person will know all the answers. But what we do know and what we use is the incredible network of employees and talent that have come to Blue Jeans to help solve problems for our users and the industry.

We won’t be able to help you with your taxes, but what we can do is make your companies video conferencing strategy make sense. Whether you are a seasoned technologist, or someone in a line of business outside of IT that has been looking for a solution like this for a while, the teams here are full of the best and brightest in the industry just waiting to help resolve the challenges you may be facing.
Using a video solution should be easy and simple, not like doing your taxes.