It’s cold and flu season and I find myself reaching for hand sanitizer just a bit more often. When most of us have a lingering illness, there’s a tendency to look up symptoms on sites like MayoClinic and do (shoddy) self-diagnosis to gauge whether or not a trip to the doctor’s is necessary.

Access to that kind of information via our smartphones can be really helpful; what’s even more amazing is that people are actually using their mobile devices to get in touch with their care providers. That’s just one of the ways that our customers are using the power of face to face real time video conferencing.

Here are some of the cool ways that our customers from healthcare organizations are using Blue Jeans video conferencing:

  • Allow psychiatrists to meet with patients at home through a web browser
  • Enable doctors with iPads to videoconference into the office from home in emergency situations
  • Equip doctors to collaborate with each other as well as watch live seminars from the office or at home
  • Bridge rural clinics in Idaho to the main location in the city, creating a foundation for knowledge sharing and telehealth

Want to learn more? Click below to see our videocast to see how one of our customers, Seattle Children’s Hospital, uses mobile video to enhance patient care. You can also check out more healthcare use cases here