At the core of any law firm’s success are personal relationships, both with clients and within the industry. But these days, the legal world is more global than ever and meeting in person isn’t always possible. The good news is that the cloud is enabling a new generation of video conferencing and collaboration technology that makes face-to-face video meetings easier than ever.

Blue Jeans Network research shows that over 90% of business decision makers agree that video conferencing makes meetings more efficient and that it improves clarity; this sentiment is gaining steam within the legal industry. Whether it is internal meeting among their 15 locations or meetings with clients, the ease-of-use of cloud-based video conferencing systems means more productive meetings and less strain on IT resources and budget.

Blue Jeans legal customers are currently using video conferencing to: 

  1. Empower partners across multiple offices to engage face-to-face more often

  2. Allow candidates in law school to interview for positions and internships by connecting to the firm’s room system through web browsers

  3. Enable people working from home to connect to interoffice meetings

  4. Meet with witnesses before trial to prep them

  5. Connect lawyers, executives, and HR staff both internally and externally for client meetings

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