Video Conferencing for Government

Government agencies are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Video conferencing is one modern solution that can help with both of these goals. Video conferencing for governments expands outreach capabilities, saves money and time on information transfer and decision-making, and increases efficiency in a matter of clicks. BlueJeans' Meetings and Events features provide a secure and private video conferencing solution to modernize internal communication while also strengthening external relationships, allowing for smoother operations across every level of government. 

Video Conferencing Solutions for the Government and Public Sector

Security isn’t just about hackers and cyber-attacks, government agencies also need strong access management controls for the virtual meeting environment. Government organizations need to be able to securely communicate with each other, as well as with the public. BlueJeans’ security solutions are reliable, scalable, and easy to use, making them the perfect choice for government organizations of all sizes.

Two of the biggest challenges facing agencies in today’s workplace is getting their meeting tools to work together and creating workflows that are easy for a variety of meeting contexts. BlueJeans provides a robust video conferencing platform that is interoperable with all browsers and devices. Officials can easily schedule meetings, invite participants, and share files regardless of what type of device they are using. Citizens can access meeting recordings, agendas, and minutes from any device without having to install special software or plugins.

It is important that meetings with government officials are accessible and easy-to access. At BlueJeans, we integrate comprehensive inclusive design methodology so we can meet the needs and requirements of everyone. Our accessible design features include real-time closed captioning, transcription, and keyboard controls to ensure that everyone can use the interface, regardless of their abilities. 

When meeting with government employees or other contacts, it is important that the experience is seamless and predictable. Customize your end-user's experience by creating custom logos, banners and backgrounds for virtual waiting rooms, in meetings screens, or settings that integrate the video platform with your existing workflows using open APIs. Branded elements will be applied across pages like registration forms and emails as well.

High-Quality Audio and Video
For a professional delivery, officials can stay connected and productive with our premium spatial audio and HD video conferencing solutions no matter the location or size of the audience. With Dolby Voice, enjoy unparalleled clarity, automatic volume control, noise cancellation, and echo suppression no matter what device is being used. 

Easy to Use
BlueJeans is an easy-to-use video conferencing solution. It offers a variety of features that make it ideal for government users, including an intuitive interface, security and compliance features, and the ability to host both internal and external meetings.

What are the Benefits of Video Conferencing for Government?

Video conferencing for the government has become an essential tool for increasing productivity, improving collaboration, and better citizen engagement.

  • Employment productivity - video conferencing enables more flexible workstyles which also increases the recruiting pool. 
  • Better Collaboration - government video conferencing allows workers to collaborate with one another seamlessly and securely.
  • Citizen Engagement - with public meetings available online, local and state governments have the opportunity to increase public engagement.
  • Cost Effectiveness - the use of video communication is a cost-effective, efficient way for government employees to strengthen their communication across departments as well as with the public without the need to travel. 
  • Mobile Flexibility - with video conferencing for government, officials no longer have to worry about travel restrictions or conflicting schedules. 

The introduction of video conferencing solutions for governments is an innovative way to increase productivity and efficiency while cutting costs. BlueJeans Meetings provide a secure and private video conferencing solution to modernize internal communication while also strengthening external relationships, allowing for smoother operations across every level of government. 

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