The future of technology is here. It is mobile, visual and interoperable. Here at Blue Jeans, we've believed this mantra for some time but it is refreshing to hear it from an audience of high schoolers. I was recently invited to speak at the Monta Vista Symposium organized by the Monta Vista Tech Group.

The Monta Vista Tech Group is a student organization at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, here in the Bay Area. According to Google search, Monta Vista is ranked one of the top high schools in the country. It has an API score of 956 points out of 1000 as of 2012. In the class of 2009 alone, there were 42 National Merit semi-finalists and 84 National Merit commended students. When I arrived I was surrounded by students and the vibe was pure geekdom- these kids are the future of Silicon Valley. 

The symposium invited 4 speakers to speak at the Symposium; Shishir Mehrotra, VP of Product at YouTube/Google, Rahim Fazal, serial entrepreneur and public speaker that recently sold his company, Involver to Oracle, Steve Cousins and John Hsu, the CEO and Chief scientist at Willow Garage and me representing Blue Jeans Network. There weren't any central themes that united the symposium other than technology; but as each speakers took their turn at the podium, a pattern began to emerge; technology is mobile, humanistic and empowering. 

According to Peggy Johnson, EVP and President of Global Market Development at Qualcomm, mobile technology is transforming learning and by extension, transforming people's work and personal lives. Mobile is the biggest technology platform in the history of mankind with 6.7 billion mobile connections this year. It has now surpassed fixed broadband and desktop PCs and the gap continues to widen. By 2016, 85% of total broadband subs will be mobile. Last year, 472 million smartphone were sold compared to 353 million desktop PCs. The future is clearly shaping to be a mobile computing paradigm. And for many of these kids, the first and only computing experience will be mobile.

This computing paradigm is transforming education both K-12 and higher ed by providing unprecedented reach by extending their classrooms, subject matters and global collaborations. Since education is the fundamental to the strength of all societies, mobile technology is increasingly becoming the core transmission of knowledge. To provide perspective in this explosive global mobile education growth, the revenue for mobile education is $3.4 billion this year and expected to increase by 20x within this decade. And to prepare for this future, both parents and schools should prepare their kids by integrating mobile technology into their classroom.

Blue Jeans is part of this new computing paradigm by providing a video bridge on the cloud that enables students, teachers and administrators to connect anytime, anyplace with any device. This "simple" service already enables teachers to extend their unique courses, classrooms and office hours beyond brick buildings. Students are able to collaborate their school projects beyond their classmates in their classrooms and administrators to organize career counseling, job interviews and other events inviting organizations and leading professionals from around the world to participate. In return these companies and professionals can engage more schools and students without incurring travel costs. 

That night, those kids were the embodiment of the future: they were all armed with laptops, tablets and smartphones as if it is an extension of their bodies. If the attendees of the symposium are any indication, I am very encouraged by our contribution.

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