Meetings have changed for the better: you no longer need to meet in person to get the job done, which helps companies like yours save time and money. But before you start patting yourself on the back for all the time and money you’ve already saved this year, consider this: even meeting experts need to brush up on their video conferencing skills and knowledge to hold effective meetings. Why? Keep reading…let’s just say you don’t want to be “that guy” in your next meeting.

Straight Talk: Your Video Conferencing Street Cred
Maybe you’re already a video conferencing expert. But, even experts need to brush up on their video conferencing skills from time to time. We’ve got just the thing to help you earn your stripes, “video conference style”:

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Don’t be “That Guy”
And, for those who are still skeptical that being a video conferencing all-star takes hard work, at the very least make sure to check out these 4 common video conferencing mistakes to avoid. Because let’s be real: no one wants to be “that guy” whose mom IMs him during a conference call.

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Varsity-Level Video Conferencing
So you know all the basics and you’re ready to become a video conferencing ninja. Let’s say, for example, you’re ready to move beyond being an expert user and you want to be an expert at choosing a video conferencing service.

  • Remember this mantra: Services that let you share content are a huge plus because they enable team members to instantly break down any barriers to collaboration. It’s the work equivalent of breaking through woodblocks with your bare hands.
  • Be wise, grasshopper: The cheapest solution isn’t always the best solution. From interoperability to mobile-friendly, consider the needs of everyone at your virtual table before you make your choice.

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