When the red light is on like the radio days of yore, everything but the person on the microphone falls silent. This mode of thinking should also be employed during a video conference call.

But even if the indicator light is on, there are times when a microphone can’t pick up what is being said. Sometimes the opposite happens when a microphone is too sensitive and you hear echo and all sorts of background noises. To avoid this, here are a few tips on how to set your microphone straight for your next video conference. 

Microphone pods designed for conference rooms are generally very sensitive. A centrally located pod can pick up sound from up to 8 feet away from all angles (so think twice about that side conversation!)

Be sure to place the pod away at least 5 feet away from the sound source (i.e. the speakers or monitor). If someone can’t be heard on a call, avoid moving the pod. Move closer to the mic instead. 

If you’re on your laptop or desktop, using a headset with a microphone will allow your voice to carry better by minimizing ambient noise. Use of a headset will also eliminate echo. Plus, it’s super trendy and making a comeback.

With these tips you'll have the optimum audio for your video experience.