Your camera is on, your microphone and speakers are set, your connection is solid - but can they see your face? Proper lighting is the one thing that gets neglected in the preparation for a video conference call.

In the hustle of trying to get on a video call, most folks are happy just connect and have everything work! But to get the most out of the video conferencing experience, we have to properly showcase the one thing that only video can deliver – your lovely face.

We have to remember that the best part about video conferencing is the ‘face to face’ interaction that is nearly as good as being in the same room as the other person. And to make the most of that we have to pay close attention to the lighting environment. So with that, here are the Do’s and Don'ts on how to get optimum lighting for your next video call, the first in a series of Blue Jeans Video Conferencing Best Practices

  • Don’t sit facing a window or have a window directly behind you.
    • This will either create a glare or dark shadows.
  • Don’t sit in a dark room with low light.
    • People will need to see your facial expressions to truly understand what you're conveying. 
  • Do try to be in an evenly lit room.
    • Overhead lighting is best. But if you don’t have that available, situate a lamp close to you.
  • Do activate picture in picture.
    • Turn this feature on so you can see exactly how others on the call will view you. This is the best way to test your lighting conditions and troubleshoot ahead of time

So enjoy that spotlight and get your video meeting on.