How to record virtual meeting


Video calls and conferencing are a key way for businesses in today’s era to keep their employees connected even when they are physically separate. Some may be shielding due to vulnerability; others may simply be working in another city or even another country. Video calls remove the obstacles of physical distance and allow a team to work efficiently and effectively as if they were in the same room. Many video calling apps also offer the functionality of recording, to let people refer to the video call long after it’s been done. Recording video calls allows businesses to keep their team working efficiently and lets people focus entirely on the call and the individuals present at the time rather than taking notes. Let’s find out how to record a video call.

What is video call recording?

A video call recording is simply recording a video call for reference later on. Much like recording any kind of video, the feature is available in several video calling apps including BlueJeans and stores a copy of the online meeting as a video file. Accessing the video file later is easy, and you can even share it with other people who were not present.

Why would you record video calls?

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to record a video call. Firstly, for your own reference. If you are speaking with colleagues about a complex subject matter with a lot of talking points, it’s preferable to focus more on the conversation and less on taking notes. By recording a video call you can be much more present in the meeting and won’t need to go back over things. If you need to check something afterward you can simply watch the video call again in your own time. The second reason is for video production. Sometimes it’s simply not possible to send a camera crew to interview someone if they are in a remote area, but perhaps their contribution is still valuable for a documentary or corporate video you might be making. By recording the video call you will end up with a video file with both video and audio so you can include a key individual’s comments in the video you are making even without filming them directly. Other good reasons to record video calls are for training purposes, recording messages to send to a wider team of people, or for other people to reference if they are not available to join your meeting or conference in real-time.

How to record a video call in BlueJeans?

Recording video calls with the BlueJeans desktop app, mobile app or browser is really straightforward. Firstly, you need to be the Moderator of the meeting, so not everyone has the capability of recording a video call. Click on the Start Rec button in the top left corner to start recording the video call. This will send a Recording has started notification to all participants. Remember to ask their permission before you begin recording. While the video call is being recorded, you should see a blinking red icon in the top left corner. The video call will record in two-hour intervals. If a recording is longer than two hours, a new Chapter is created and the recording will automatically resume. To stop the recording, simply click on the recording button again. All participants will be notified once again. Once the video has rendered - and bear in mind that the longer the recording, the longer it will take to render - the Moderator will receive an automated email from BlueJeans with directions to download the video. You can then do what you like with the video, such as share it on an internal system for people who were not present to view the video.

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