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Veon Works Globally Using BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone

About Veon
From its entrepreneurial beginnings as a startup, VEON has grown into an international telecommunications and technology business providing voice, fixed broadband, and internet services to more than 210 million customers while serving nearly 10% of the world’s population. Veon unlocks new opportunities for forward thinking customers navigating the digital world.

The Challenge
When using other meetings services, Veon struggled with inconsistent audio and video quality, especially when hosting international conference calls. They needed a simpler, easy-to-use solution. They wanted premium video, audio, and web conferencing that integrated with Outlook in a single, click to join, meetings platform. Any new solution would also have to sync with company-wide workflow tools, complementing their software stack so everyone could easily access it.

Veon also required a more robust meeting solution for their conference rooms. Employees struggled to operate existing room system equipment, often requiring assistance from IT personnel. Many also experienced inconsistent video and subpar audio quality. The long term effect resulted in underutilized rooms and inactive A/V equipment.     

Veon + BlueJeans
BlueJeans Rooms paired with the Dolby Conference Phone provides best-in-class background noise cancellation, excellent video quality, and a simple one-touch join experience. This enabled Veon’s IT team to unite existing conference rooms, regardless of vendor hardware, on the BlueJeans meetings platform. With the Dolby Conference Phone on board, 90% of background noise was filtered out, making every voice easy to hear and natural sounding.

Today, Veon's Amsterdam office alone holds more than 4,000 high quality video conferences per week. Audio quality issues are extremely rare and employee complaints have dramatically reduced. Assistance from IT to setup in-room conference calls is no longer necessary. Employees have easy access to collaborate with one another and external partners globally, which has led to an increase in overall conference room usage.

Up to 12,000 employees, remote workers, and partners regularly connect to the BlueJeans meetings platform using mobile devices, laptops, and BlueJeans Rooms. For Veon’s IT team, BlueJeans Command Center dashboard lets them measure usage, proactively address any issues, and calculate travel savings. By delivering a complete meetings solution, BlueJeans is cost effective, given the amount of rooms needed, and delivers added value by integrating with popular calendaring systems and workflow tools.  

“BlueJeans delivers a premium video conferencing experience with high quality audio and video, that’s also easy to use.” 
- Johan Huijen, IT Director, Veon

Check out this video to learn how Veon uses BlueJeans to simplify meetings and connect from anywhere.