With thousands of video meetings going on all over the globe simultaneously, we get our share of customer support cases. Recently we caught up with one of our teammates in support, Stuart Minchington, to understand more about his role as support engineer. Having worked as a support engineer for other video companies, Stuart was happy to tell us about why using Blue Jeans to troubleshoot his calls is a unique and dynamic approach.

Using video to troubleshoot support issues is awesome. If you think about it, it just makes a lot of sense. When it comes to support, it can be very difficult to guide the customer over the phone. And it can be even more challenging trying to explain a complicated issue which can result in multiple emails.

Video is a great alternative because you get a better understanding of what the issue is. On top of that I get to establish trust and credibility with the customer. I believe that I have better relationships with customers here at Blue Jeans because I’ve really gotten to know them over video.

We often run into cases where we have to troubleshoot other endpoints and the easiest way is to do that through our browser. The customer can easily show us the set-up of their device and we can get to the root of the problem quickly. Over Blue Jeans the customer can also share their screen with me so I can double check to see what their settings are. It’s great because it’s like I’m actually in the room helping the customer resolve the issue.

The other part I love about it as that at first I can sense the customer’s apprehension about being on video. But as we resolve the issue together, they start to really see why video is important to customer support and eventually to their business.