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Unleashing Teamwork in the Workplace with Forrester, Polycom and BlueJeans

Hate not being able to find a conference room for your meeting? You’re not alone. Forrester’s recent “Streamlined Videoconferencing Strategy Drives Business Results” study, which was commissioned by our partner Polycom, found that dedicated rooms for meetings are still quite popular among employees.

Spotlighting industry insights that highlight the need for strong platform interoperability combined with a consistent user interface to boost employee productivity, the report findings were a featured discussion topic in last week's BlueJeans webinar with Forrester’s senior analyst Nick Barber.

Moderated by BlueJeans’ Justin McHeffy, the “Unleashing Teamwork in the Workplace” webinar also included a roundtable discussion with Polycom’s Laura Marx Klopfer, VP, global alliance and partner marketing, and our very own John Knightly, SVP, product & solutions marketing, on the communication and collaboration challenges companies face and how our combined solutions can resolve these issues.

Couldn’t attend? We’ve got you covered. To start, here are some of the latest trends Forrester is seeing around collaboration and communication:

  • According to Forrester, hardware and software complexity is exploding—as is the number of cloud apps being used in enterprises. This is creating challenges around cost.
  • 78 percent of respondents said having ready-to-use, dedicated room endpoints for high-quality group video calls is extremely valuable for solving their video conferencing challenges.
  • 85 percent of marketing decision makers say improving the meeting experience is a priority over the next year; furthermore, they’re looking to technology to power that next employee experience.
  • 74 percent of companies saw an increase in video calls over the past two years—30 percent saw a “significant” increase, with 44 percent seeing “somewhat” of an increase.
  • Gen-Yers use more than four connected devices on a daily basis (desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, smart TV, etc.). As a result, they want more flexibility in the tools they use. In fact, a “lack of flexibility to use multiple solutions” was voiced as a concern for videoconferencing users in the report.
  • Forrester also found that a consistent live video user experience across multiple devices is critical for collaboration and productivity. Ultimately, generational differences aside, people and enterprises expect a seamless experience across multiple devices.
  • 55% of firms are undergoing digital transformation, and most firms are using multiple vendors for both endpoints and video cloud apps. Takeaway here? Interoperability is key!

Now let’s talk a little bit more about the importance of video. While statistics vary, it's widely accepted that a large percentage of communication is nonverbal, with body language accounting for between 60 and 80 percent of the impact made around a negotiating table. Furthermore, humans can make over 16,000 expressions—with 17 different ways to display happiness alone using facial muscles. Considering this alone, I’d say video is pretty important. From a business perspective though, here are four main benefits of using video for collaboration: 

1.         Video adds clarity to the idea of a great video experience

2.         Companies turn to video to power collaboration

3.         Video helps speed time to market

4.         Integration and flexibility power collaboration

The net-net? Video makes a difference. And as the speed and pervasiveness of technology continues to increase, video collaboration tools are going to become even more important.

Thankfully, BlueJeans and Polycom provide a best-in-class seamless experience for team collaboration across multiple environments. Together, we’re bringing the best of what we each company provides in order to create a seamless meeting experience—driving users into the action (purpose) for the meeting without having to think about the technology.

For example, pairing BlueJeans video conferencing with Polycom’s hardware with audio enhancement options can intuitively block extraneous sounds during meetings. We’ve done all of the background integration to allow the user to easily dial right into the meeting.

BlueJeans and Polycom also seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams for easier collaboration with the tools you’re is already using. Considering delayed video calls can cost companies $1 million or more in lost productivity, simplicity is the name of the game.

At the end of the day, as Nick points out, “great employee experiences power great customer experiences.” By providing a unified, videoconferencing system that interoperates across the organization, BlueJeans and Polycom are powering the future for employee success.

Interested in learning more? Watch the recording of the webinar here and read more about our Polycom Video Endpoints.