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Unique Ways to Use Screen Sharing for Your Business

Man Screen Sharing with Colleagues

Web conferencing became popular in the mid-1990s because of the many features it offered, among them the ability to share what was on your screen with others. Sharing a presentation or document over a service like PictureTel or StarLive! became a feature that businesses used regularly in the nineties, and one that continues to be a major aspect of meetings platforms twenty years later. 

Because screen sharing has been a feature for so long, it rarely gets the love it deserves. People all over the world use screen sharing features for their daily team meetings, whether that be their entire organization or only a few members. But there are hundreds of other ways that screen sharing can be beneficial beyond the simple PowerPoint presentation. Take a look at few cases where you can share your screen to increase productivity.

Sales Demonstrations for Prospects

Trying to explain what you’re selling to potential customers can be difficult, and no one wants to sit through a boring pitch deck while you explain why your solution is so amazing. With screen sharing, you can do more than just explain—you can let them experience it. Simply share your screen in order to showcase the features or your software platform or display specific use cases that may be relevant to your potential customer. Sharing your screen while also on video also gives you the added bonus of seeing your prospects faces so you can ensure that they stay engaged during the entire demonstration. 

Training and Support for Customers

Once your prospects have become customers, they may need training and support. Rather than sending how-to documents via email or loading training videos to your YouTube channel, get on a video call with them. Once on a platform like BlueJeans, they can share their screen so you can see exactly what they are trying to solve and you can work it out in real-time, making it easier to solve issues before they become large problems.

Review Documents with Team Members

Have you ever been working on a document or presentation and emailed it to a team member for feedback? Before long, it’s on its fifth version and the email chain in your inbox is eight emails long. Sometimes it is just easier to meet to talk about the document so you can make decisions together. Rather than spending time going back and forth, simply hop on a BlueJeans call and share your screen. This will allow you to talk with one another as you make changes, and the other person will be able to see the document in real-time. Doing this can make reviews easier and save time in the long run, especially if you can't meet together in the same office.

No matter what it is used for, screen sharing is an incredibly easy way to show others exactly what you’re talking about and make sure that everyone is on the same page. With BlueJeans, it’s easy to share either your entire screen or just a single application, ensuring that you show others what you want them to see—and only what you want them to see.

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