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Unboxing the BlueJeans Room featuring Dolby Voice Room

These days, the nature of work has changed. There are more ad-hoc and less structured meetings, our teams are composed of remote and contractual workers and cross-functional collaboration across varying teams and office locations is increasing. Meeting rooms play a critical role in productivity and collaboration in the modern workplace and, as such, need to stay up to speed with the dynamic way we now work.  
When the meeting room system is hard to operate, it ends up taxing the users rather than enabling productive, efficient collaboration. BlueJeans’ approach has always been to provide solutions that are simple and easy for everyone to use, so that employees can focus on real business outcomes. Whether this is through our one-touch-join experience, or integrations with the different tools that enterprises depend on every day, BlueJeans solutions are based on simplicity and the natural way that we interact with one other.  
Our premier, converged room solution, BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room, is a great example showcasing how brilliant technology can deliver a simple, immersive and natural experience for a great meeting outcome. This solution brings together BlueJeans Rooms software integrated with Dolby Voice Room hardware, which consist of only three components - the Dolby Conference Phone, the Dolby 4K Camera and the Dolby Voice Hub. The plug and play aspect of the DVR means the components can be unboxed and connected to your network within minutes.  
The audio and video features are designed to put the focus on the meeting. The intelligent scene framing, different camera configurations, spatial audio, dynamic levelling, noise cancellation and whiteboard framing are just a few of the features that all work to make the interaction natural and immersive. All software and firmware updates are pushed out automatically, avoiding the pitfalls of Windows or NUC based systems that require manual updates or interruptions. 
This solution is also available in a simple, all-inclusive package through our Rooms-as-a-Service subscription. With BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room, bringing intelligence and creating a delightful experience for participants in meeting rooms and huddle spaces has never been easier!  
Check out this video of the BlueJeans Rooms featuring the Dolby Voice Room unboxing and meeting experience here: