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It’s a Wrap! UC EXPO 2019 Comes to a Close

It’s the middle of May, and that means another trip to London for UC EXPO, Europe’s largest unified communications and collaboration event. And what an exciting expo it was. Our very own Paul Scholey, VP EMEA, took to the stage, discussing how collaboration is helping to address workplace unproductivity and loneliness. Extremely relevant topics for the UK audience in particular. Our product manager Tedd Fox talked at length about our relationship with Microsoft and how we’re collaborating with Microsoft Teams to empower the modern workforce. Paul also sat down with the editorial team from AV News, one of the UK’s biggest audio-visual publications to discuss the current state of the industry, the great work the team at BlueJeans is doing to improve the meeting experience, and how our key partnerships with the likes of Dolby are enabling this.

Event attendees were greeted with an impressive BlueJeans logo upon entrance


Keeping productivity high and loneliness low 

It’s no secret that the way we work is changing, 70% of people globally now work from home at least once a week. With more of us working flexibly and off-site however, 60% of us now state we feel lonely at work. One of the key themes at this year’s event was therefore how vendors are able to empower this shift to remote working in a way which keeps people productive, happy and ingrained in workplace culture. Paul did a great job of discussing the work we’re doing at BlueJeans to tackle this problem, noting how the power of video is enabling employees’ global access to their colleagues at all times, whether this be in the format of a 1 to 1 catch-up or a thousand-person all-hands meeting.

Paul also touched on the power of our live transcription service; how we are removing the monotonous aspects out of the meeting, such as taking notes. Freeing up valuable time for employees to be more productive.

Paul Scholey speaking during his ‘How collaboration can help address workplace (un)productivity and loneliness’ session


Collaboration is everywhere

Following a trip across the hall to film our booth, Paul then sat down with the great guys at AV News for an upcoming edition of their podcast. The main topic of conversation – the power of collaboration and the importance of having the right technology in place to enable it. Paul had a great chat with Editor, Bryan Denyer revealing how whether it’s through your laptop, phone or tablet, collaboration is now just one touch away with BlueJeans. The global workforce is more mobile than ever and having an interoperable meeting service is crucial. BlueJeans therefore works with some of the best global brands, such as Dolby, to ensure our service provides a quality enterprise experience no matter the device or location.

We’ll be sure to publish a link to Paul’s full podcast with AV News via our social channels when it goes live later this month, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

A final wrap up

We love attending UC EXPO every year and seeing the great innovative technologies making waves throughout our industry. We’d like to thank everyone who came to speak with us on the ground and who attended our speaking sessions. Enjoyed the content of this blog? Make sure to check out our other great articles here.

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