Always-on connectivity has transformed how we work, when we work, and where we work. In the not-too-distant past, workers required physical proximity to best navigate complexity and jointly solve hands-on challenges. With the onset of today’s hybrid work approach, it’s imperative that our teams are empowered to do their best work, even when they aren’t located in the same region or time zone. Specifically, as we think about truly unlocking productivity for distributed teams, breakthroughs in augmented reality will enable us to fundamentally reimagine the way our teams can work together.  

With this backdrop in mind, BlueJeans is proud to announce a new native meeting experience for Glass Enterprise Edition 2 from Google to deliver premium, hands-free video conferencing. Our new app will take advantage of Glass’ 8MP camera to deliver stunningly clear streaming video and enable all participants to have pristine line-of-sight into whatever vantage point matters most. BlueJeans augments these impressive visuals with Dolby Voice audio, featuring world-class noise suppression to mitigate any potential disruptions that could impact timely issue resolution and spatial audio to deliver truly immersive collaboration.  

The new BlueJeans app for Glass Enterprise Edition 2 also features a rich set of capabilities designed to improve how a user can clearly share the situation as it appears in front of them. With simple voice activation, users can trigger zoom-in/zoom-out or adjust image brightness to spotlight their point of view. Additionally, BlueJeans supports sending up to 720p HD video resolution for optimal viewing. 

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 also features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 which boosts performance and support for onboard computer vision and machine learning use cases. The BlueJeans roadmap will be taking full advantage of this platform, with advanced augmented reality capabilities designed to blend the best of the physical work with the best of the digital world.  

Whether customers are interested in piloting BlueJeans on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for remote support scenarios that connect field workers with remote subject matter experts to troubleshoot complex issues or for remote training situations where students can glean a first-hand perspective of hard to access subject material, we are excited to deliver an enterprise-grade video experience that will help organizations accelerate digital transformation and drive toward more productive outcomes.

BlueJeans on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is currently available for limited preview.  If you are interested in joining the preview, please click here. The BlueJeans app will be preloaded on the devices and made available through Verizon sales channels in the first quarter of 2022.