BlueJeans Meetings has won Best Software for Enterprise, Mid-sized Business, and Small Business at the 2022 TrustRadius Best Software List awards.

The TrustRadius Best Software List celebrates the best software products based on performance, customer satisfaction via reviews, and market-size fit.

To make the list, products must have more than 40 reviews from the past year and have maintained a trScore of 7.5 or higher, demonstrating a commitment to transparency, improvement, and user insights. trScore is an algorithm that calculates a product’s scores based on a weighted average of reviews and ratings.

“BlueJeans Meetings was selected for the 2022 Best Software List as best suited for all market segments,” said Megan Headley, Vice President of Research at TrustRadius. “These awards are based directly on feedback from their customers. BlueJeans Meetings customers at businesses of all sizes appreciate the high-quality audio and video conferencing at an affordable price.”

The BlueJeans Meetings platform brings video, audio, and web conferencing together with the collaboration tools people use every day. It is a cloud service that connects desktops, mobile devices, and room systems in one video meeting. This fast-to-join, easy-to-use solution enables people to work productively where and how they want.

According to Chadd Thompson, CMO at BlueJeans by Verizon, the award is a testament to BlueJeans Meetings’ efficacy as a secure video conferencing platform that enables users to be more productive.

“BlueJeans Meetings delivers an unparalleled online meeting and video conferencing experience, with crystal clear audio powered by Dolby Voice,” Thompson said. “With everyday collaboration and calendaring tools integrated with the platform, remote workers can easily communicate as if they were meeting in person.”

TrustRadius is a research and review platform that enables business leaders to find and select the right software for their needs. More than 12 million visitors a year create and engage with high-quality review content and data on the platform.

Reviews of BlueJeans Meetings on TrustRadius are almost universally positive. For example:

“Unmatched by any platform I have used … BlueJeans is used by every employee within my current business unit … [providing] a crystal clear video conferencing experience and distinctively audible audio experience as well.” October 2022

“Clear, seamless communications, and end-to-end security … BlueJeans Meetings … is a wonderful platform that provides wonderful features, which are very complete and flexible, adapting to every need with affordable prices.” October 2022

“It is a must-have tool for all small, medium, and large-scale organizations. It is well suited for organizations having multiple locations … It is well suited for sales teams also, where they can connect to a number of customers without visiting their office. Which saves a lot of time for both parties.” September 2022

“BlueJeans is phenomenal! … BlueJeans for us has worked like a charm. We use it to sync across all our teams and that generally happens frequently on a daily basis. The intuitive experience and the entire ease of use of it have made lives simpler for us. Our engineering and design teams use it for connecting with clients and customers, and for internal communication.” September 2022

BlueJeans by Verizon would like to thank customers who took the time to share their feedback and confirm how BlueJeans Meetings performs at the highest levels. Thank you for supporting our work and for sharing your feedback on TrustRadius.

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