Working From Anywhere

Whether you are permanently working from home or have adopted a hybrid work schedule, sometimes you just need to ditch your desk. Welcome to the era of the digital nomad. Simply put, that’s a fancy term for working from anywhere. No matter if you are working from home, in a car, campervan, coffee shop or on a beach in some tropical paradise, we’ve got some tips for working from anywhere that will keep you connected and productive. First and foremost, working from anywhere means making sure you have the best technology for online meetings. Tip #1: Elevate your online meeting experience with spatial audio.

What is Spatial Audio?

Spatial audio is an effect that gives the impression of sound coming at you from three dimensions.

Spacial Audio with Dolby Voice in BlueJeans Meetings is a breakthrough in audio for online meetings, allowing attendees to hear clearly and communicate naturally, as if they were in the same room, regardless of their location - home, meeting room, car, coffee shop, etc.

Working From Anywhere

Experience the Audio Difference. BlueJeans with Dolby Voice provides natural, high definition sound with background noise suppression, allowing everyone to be heard regardless of their location.

More Tips for Working From Anywhere

Working From Home
●    Create a dedicated work space. It doesn’t have to be an office if you don’t have space for it. But you DO need a dedicated “work area.” Maybe it is a desk in the living room or a spot at the dining room table or even a dedicated home office in an extra bedroom or den.
●    Create a routine and learn how to end your work day. No matter what it is, having a set routine helps you get into “work mode” and also helps you stay on task throughout the day. On the flip side, working from home means you are basically connected all the time. Just stop working at a specific time (5 or 6pm) and then stop checking work notifications.
●    Use To Do Lists. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, deadlines exist. Use to-do lists or calendar blocks or anything else to track what needs to get done and when — and then stick to it.
●    Use quality headphones and BlueJeans with Dolby Voice to elevate your meeting experience.

Working From Your Car, Coffee Shop
●    Make sure you have a good wifi connection or a mobile hotspot.
●    Make sure your laptop is fully charged or bring a charger and make sure you have access to an outlet.
●    Use quality headphones and suppress background noise with Spatial Audio with Dolby Voice.
●    Pay attention to your productivity level. If you’re enjoying the location and it is distracting you from work, it might not be a good place to work.
●    Be respectful of the business. Don’t overstay your welcome, order more than a cup of coffee, be mindful of your space. 

Working While Traveling
●    Make sure you have a good wifi connection or a mobile hotspot.
●    If traveling abroad, consider getting a SIM card with a data plan so that you’ll be able to have instant access to wifi without racking up roaming charges.
●    Set up a world clock feature on your calendar that let’s you quickly scan other time zones so when you’re scheduling meetings with clients you’ll know what time it is for everyone.
●    Plan ahead for when you will work and what you will work on. Reschedule calls if they aren’t time-sensitive or necessary.
●    Use quality headphones and BlueJeans with Dolby Voice to reduce unwanted background noise, making it easier to focus on the content of the conversation.
●    Maintain a solid cloud drive. Keeping your files in the cloud means you don’t have to lug an external hard drive—or often even a computer—around with you. Simply log in wherever you are, access your documents, and get to work.
●    Be flexible. Unless you are on a specific deadline, don’t be so inflexible that you ruin your plans. Have fun and fit work in when you can on some days. Other days, you’ll be able to stick to your schedule.

As the world grows more connected, more workers are disconnecting - from their office - and going mobile. Working from anywhere is no longer a dream, it is a reality.

Spatial Audio with Dolby Voice in BlueJeans Meetings allows for better audio and better collaboration during meetings . . . which means work gets done!

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