Last week, TicketSocket and BlueJeans joined forces to explain how our solutions enable payment-based web streaming. The global transition from on-site to online for large-scale live experiences has driven demand for white labeled programming in an interactive, virtual environment.
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Whether you’re a business owner, box office director, or sales and marketing professional searching for an alternative to in-person events, this integration is the answer to your revenue continuity questions.
Who’s Who?
  • White label ticketing and registration platform
  • Gives event organizers complete control of brand, money, data, and technology
  • Provides online pay gates for streaming including: Virtual events, sports, gaming, festivals, attractions, special interest groups, and more.
  • Virtual venue for large-scale video streaming
  • Supports self-service or managed events designed for high-impact, production-grade experiences
  • Experiential events that captivate audiences for engagement marketing, brand activation, or live entertainment and programming
Audience Q&A
Q: Can you explain how the process works when a customer purchases a ticket through TicketSocket and then watches the event on BlueJeans?
A: When a customer goes through the checkout process you’re already connected to BlueJeans on the back end. When the purchase is made, TicketSocket automatically creates a unique BlueJeans join link that appears in the customer’s email as a payment confirmation. This is a receipt and proof of purchase which is the only way a person can access and attend the event. Once they click the link on the day and time of the event they view the live stream from BlueJeans Events through the browser of their choice.
Q: Is it possible to include advertising in ticketed events that generate additional revenue?
A: Yes! Event organizers and administrators can easily customize the BlueJeans interface with sponsor logos, watermarks, or color preferences. Also, moderators and presenters can play pre-recorded video commercials for the audience at any time during the presentation.
Q: Are BlueJeans Events capable of being scheduled as a recurring live stream or does every individual component need to be recreated for each event?
A: Recurring events can be scheduled to occur on the day and time of your choice. All pre-determined settings and interactivity features will be the same for all events. This works well if you have a predictable cadence of upcoming events but don’t want to have to manually schedule each one every time.
Get the entire integration breakdown by viewing the on-demand video! For more about TicketSocket and BlueJeans, visit our App Network page here. Ready to host an unforgettable event for up to 50,000 attendees? Give BlueJeans Events a try today and put your streaming content on a virtual stage!