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Think Forward, Thanks Everyone: Reflections on the Atlanta City Tour

I’ve always believed that BlueJeans comes in like a hurricane… blowing away new users and providing the calm after the storm of previous video conferencing platforms. But when BlueJeans headed to Atlanta last week, we literally brought Hurricane Michael in with us.

Atlanta was our first stop on the BlueJeans Think Forward City Tour, where we had a great time learning about the future of work, speaking with customers, and educating business leaders on how the meetings platform of the future can work for them. Now that we’ve had a few days to reflect on the event, all I can say is thank you—thank you to our amazing customers, partners, and speakers who made it a truly special event. 


We started the evening with a keynote from Dr. Brian Greene, one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists, who spoke on how quantum mechanics is changing the way we live and the way we work. As Dr. Greene stated, “Quantum mechanics does not happen in the tiny depths of reality. It can be amplified into the world of everyday life.” He went on to showcase how we are on the verge of the next revolution, and how that is going to tie into the future of work, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence.

Brian Greene Speaks at BlueJeans City Tour

Following Dr. Greene’s keynote, business transformation panelists Tamara McCleary, Greg Verdino, and John Knightly joined the stage to discuss how we can put the theories quantum mechanics teach us into practice. Digital transformation expert Greg Verdino hit the nail on the head when we stated, “We spend so much time perfecting the present or fixing the past. The problem is that we need to think about the future.” This was really at the heart of what our Think Forward series is about—how can organizations work toward the future while also leading in the present? The panelists went on to give key insights about how to do this, especially as artificial intelligence becomes more prominent throughout the workplace.

BlueJeans City Tour Panelists on Stage

We wrapped up the event with demonstrations from our partners—Dolby Voice, Kaptivo, Logitech, Polycom, and Yamaha—who showcased how they work with BlueJeans to bring expert collaboration to the modern workplace. Attendees took the opportunity to speak with our panelists, our partners, and one another as they discussed the future of work and what it means to their organization. And even in the middle of a hurricane, a great time was had by all!

Dolby Partners with BlueJeans for Think Forward City Tour

We love our customers, and we appreciate every single person who joined us at Think Forward in Atlanta. Between our enlightening keynote, our panel of digital transformation experts, and some superb chicken and waffles, we couldn’t have asked for more. Join us at our upcoming events in Dallas or San Francisco to see Think Forward in action!

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