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The Real ROI of Video Conferencing

Real ROI of Video Conferencing

Whether you’re watching a music festival on Facebook Live, Periscoping from a Paris Fashion Week runway, or FaceTiming distant relatives, live video is playing an increasingly central role in everyday life. Though many understand the benefits of live video, it has yet to be fully embraced in the workplace. According to ‘A Screen Star at Work’ report, employees use live video an average of four times a month to communicate with friends and family, and three times a month for work-related communication.

Video conferencing improves remote collaboration by removing barriers and increasing productivity so that employees can build stronger relationships regardless of whether they’re in the office, at a coffee shop, or at home.

Tapping into Top Talent 

Live video enables employees to communicate in a much more effective way. Psychologists argue that face-to-face communication helps to ‘sync’ our brains, and live video makes that face-to-face connection possible by overcoming the distance barrier. By using live video, a global enterprise can leverage the very best of its worldwide talent pool. Building working relationships and fostering collaboration amongst diverse groups will only help employees become more connected, productive, and motivated. Thanks to advances in technology, the live video experience is becoming increasingly seamless.

Video also has a positive impact on talent acquisition. BlueJeans’ research found that 24% of people see video as an enabler for candidate interviews as well as sourcing talent. In addition, 71% agree that bringing together different groups through live video improves diversity. Employees who adopt live video are gaining exposure to the cultural nuances and body language of their peers, thereby improving work-based collaboration and understanding.  

The Impact on Productivity and Costs

Live video also helps both employees and employers save time and improve work-life balance, especially during frequent travel disruptions like rail strikes or gridlocked traffic. With advances in technology, remote workers can be as effective as those working in the office. Because of smartphones, apps, and cloud-based document storage, employees working outside the office suffer no disadvantage. Equipping employees with the tools to get their jobs done, wherever they are, will boost engagement and productivity while saving organizations money.

By introducing live, two-way video that enhances business conversations and makes use of tools already within reach of most business professionals—like a computer, webcam, or even a smart device—businesses can transform traditionally siloed structures, while driving cost savings through staff unity and efficiency, regardless of location.  In fact, Twitter calculated that by increasing the efficiency of work meetings by 10% with video conferencing, they could save 5 weeks of aggregate work time every day. As live video integrates into everyday life, the communication gaps created by physical distance will begin to diminish.

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