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The Future of Work... Bolstered by Technology

In today’s technological world, where individuals are glued to their smartphones, technology is perhaps more associated with hindering human interaction than advancing it. However, whilst many of us are guilty of spending too much time on our phones or laptops, it’s important to remember the role that technology can play in actually bringing us together. 

Thanks to the rise of high-quality collaborative tools such as live video, businesses and consumers alike should be looking to take advantage of new opportunities to enable global communication.

Improving Large Scale Event Hosting

Large Event in Auditorium

Communicating your message to potential customers is a huge part of growing your business. Companies live and die by their ability to attract new customers. This isn’t new. However, the way businesses try to tackle this issue in 2018 could and should be new.

Hosting events has long been a preferred tactic of companies looking to build their customer base, and whilst a good idea, it does have its flaws. Traditional talks are at the mercy of location, often limiting the potential list of speakers and number of attendees. This has a negative impact on the quality and quantity of attendees and speakers. Going forward, companies should be looking to take a page out of Apple’s book and embrace the power of live video to improve their events. 

When Apple launched a new product, it’s global news. They cultivate an excited audience that is desperate to get hold of their products—it’s every CEO’s dream. This is in no small part due to Apple’s forward thinking and desire to embrace technology. Apple gives their customers the opportunity to stream their events through live video anywhere in the world, and the results speak for themselves. This is an approach we expect to see more companies taking going forward.  

Live video opens up a whole host of opportunities. Instead of settling for convenient speakers, in awkward locations, businesses can now beam their chosen experts from all over the world straight onto the stage, ensuring they get the best person for the job. Moreover, the potential audience they can reach expands exponentially, giving them a better chance of growing their company, all because of well-implemented tech. 

Live video can also be a great tool to improve collaboration and promote dialogue between companies and their customers. The most important aspect of hosting an event when trying to promote your business is cultivating an engaged and receptive audience. Generic, uninspiring, one-sided talks to a disinterested audience are ineffective and, unsurprisingly, they don’t result in significant business benefits. With products like BlueJeans Events (specifically designed for live video broadcasting to large groups) available, businesses are no longer limited to small lecture theatre talks. Instead, their doors are opened up to up to 15,000+ attendees watching online from around the world. 

Another benefit of video-enhanced events is that audience members are not simply passive viewers. With the collaborative tools at hand, a two-way dialogue is now possible, increasing audience engagement and retention, and facilitating invaluable back and forth between the host and their audience. The future of work is putting businesses in front of engaged customers from across the world.

Convenient Tech in the Workplace

Board Room

The modern office requires modern solutions. With everyone juggling multiple tasks at once, deadlines can be pushed forward, and unexpected events can come out of the blue. 

A busy schedule can make it so easy to cancel that conference call and replace it with an email instead. And while that might seem like the best choice at the time, it wastes the opportunity for genuine face-to-face consultation and replaces it with an unimaginative email, doomed to be lost in a full inbox—the chance for meaningful collaboration squandered. Not only is this inefficient, but it’s detrimental to the quality of work, and businesses should be looking at ways of preventing these situations from occurring regularly. Products like BlueJeans Rooms help to minimize the chances of this happening by making live video as flexible and easy to use as possible, allowing you to go from room to room and set up your call in seconds. 

Live video enables workers to share ideas and bounce off one another in a manner that isn’t possible over email. This can be particularly fruitful with all the collaborative tools that are now built into modern video conferencing software; such as screen-sharing, annotation, and calendar integration. Live video can help co-workers to be productive by encouraging quality collaboration that is often lacking from office correspondence.

What the Future Holds

The future of productive working will be anchored in three things: flexibility, ease-of-use, and collaboration. There is no doubt that technologies like live video have an important role to play in the workplace of the future. As companies strive to make the most of their resources, intelligent implementation of live video will give businesses the competitive edge they need to stay ahead of the pack in 2018. If innovative technology can save you time, increase your outreach, and improve collaboration, then it would be foolish not to utilize it. 

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