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What is IT's Biggest Budget Drain?

Money in Trash Can

There's no doubt about it—one of IT’s biggest productivity drains in the modern workplace is having an overload of collaboration tools and technology.

The slew of email, phone, audio and web conferencing, chat, and social media apps available is overwhelming and cumbersome for IT and users alike. But that is not the only problem that has arisen: excess collaboration tools and technology are draining IT's budget at alarming rates. 

$67.4 billion is spent each year on communications technologies including web and video conferencing, chat, email, telephony, and social media apps. But despite all these large investments, IT teams remain generally unsatisfied with their workplace environments. So what are the top challenges reported when implementing communications solutions? They include cost, user experience, integration with existing infrastructure, security and privacy concerns, and more.

Top Challenges When Implementing Communications Solutions

The bottom line? Business communications tech is expensive‚ and having too many technologies is only magnifying that problem for IT. Juggling multiple tools is expensive, and it takes time away from other problems that IT could be solving for the organization. Just think about what you could do with more money in your budget and more time available for your IT team to work on other things. 

Thankfully, there is a way to prevent an overload of collaboration tools from stifling workplace productivity and draining budget. Learn more in Stop the Juggling Act: Why Workplace Meetings Must Improve.

View the Stop the Juggling Act infographic.