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The Best Online Meeting Etiquette

Meeting online, even over video, is much different than sitting in a boardroom communicating face-to-face with someone, but that doesn't mean etiquette doesn't apply. To the contrary, since you're communicating over video, the opportunity for miscommunication is much higher, and thus, you should pay close attention to how you're conducting yourself. While there isn't an official code of conduct for how to create the best online meeting experience, there are certainly some guidelines to keep in mind.

So if you're looking to heighten the quality of your online meetings, try following these simple rules of etiquette below.

  1. Act Professionally
    In a meeting, you want all the participants to be at their best. This means that you want them to show their most professional face. Online meetings, just like meetings in real life, depend upon input from multiple parties to come to a decision or to brainstorm an idea. The other people in the meeting are more likely to give you an ear if you present a professional persona for them to interact with.

    Keeping the topic on point allows you to utilize your meeting time efficiently. Make sure that the point being discussed actually gets the most amount of airtime, while saving comments or questions for non-disruptive features. For example, Blue Jeans Group Text Chat.

  2. Sign in Early or on Time
    Nothing throws off a meeting worse than scheduling woes. One of the major reasons why online meetings are better than meetings in real life is because the convenience of being able to login to the meeting space at your convenience makes it easier to get meetings started on time. The best online meeting etiquette states that you should arrive early and prepare for the meeting to start, giving you time to settle down and get acquainted with the interface. Blue Jeans offers a variety of apps and add-ons that make scheduling, and joining your meeting a simple process, whether from a mobile device, browser window or calendar client such as Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar or iCal.

  3. Mute your Microphone when Not Speaking
    Open microphones can really detract from a discussion. Having an open mic means that everything that occurs in your background comes through into the meeting as noise. If you live in a particularly noisy area, this can be disastrous for the development of the meeting. Even in a quiet atmosphere an open microphone can lead to other members of meeting hearing you breathe over the air. The best online meeting etiquette states that you should only unmute your microphone if you have something to add to the discussion.

Developing an online meeting with trained professionals is easy. The thing is, a lot of people who are using video conferencing are unaware of these simple gestures that make virtual meetings the best online meeting they can be.

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