The proliferating increase in the use of collaboration software has seen companies and businesses struggle to keep up with the fast-moving trend. This is especially after an unprecedented global Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic saw the globe move to a standstill with the imposition of worldwide lockdowns.

However, technology came to the rescue; businesses could now hold online conferences, transact online, and work from home. The advent of technology comes with many technical questions. One that kept ringing in the minds of many companies was: which is the best software to utilize for our communication and collaboration needs? We have compiled this article to answer you and guide you to choose the best collaboration software for your organization.

What does teamwork software do?
Teamwork software is cloud-based software that enables easy management of projects. It also offers a platform for project managers to define, assign, and track the progress of different team projects. Besides, it provides document management tools; hence, teams can share documents. The software also provides a client billing feature. This feature allows users to create invoices for the number of hours worked.

Teamwork communication is practically the primary reason behind the success of any company, and the pandemic has made it hard to facilitate the same. However, project managers can easily manage communication among a working team with technology and an effective teamwork platform. So, how do you choose the top computer software to collaborate with your company?

How to choose the best software

1. User evaluation
For an effective teamwork platform that facilitates good unified communication, you need to choose user-friendly collaboration software. It will encourage the team to work with enthusiasm because it'll be easy to quickly acquaint themselves with the software and have fewer troubleshooting problems. Its features should be easy to maneuver through. Additionally, look through the security features and ensure that they are best suited for your staff.

2. Compatibility
Running a teamwork software calls for ease of access regarding the devices that can run the program. When choosing collaboration software, ensure that devices within close reach of your staff team can access it flawlessly. A good platform ensures effective teamwork communication. The software must also be compatible with the company's working paraphernalia.
BlueJeans is built with this in mind — the users can attend a virtual meeting via browser, mobile app, or desktop client without feeling a difference in UX.

3. Cost
You want to get the best collaboration software for your company, but the question is, can you afford it? To get an uninterrupted session via a teamwork platform, be sure that you have first assessed the pricing versus your company's ability to cater to its subscriptions.
However, as much as it is vital to consider the price, you don't want to select a cheaper option with limited features than your company wants. Collaboration software needs to cater to what your company expects to achieve while using the collaboration software; that's why BlueJeans is here in the first place, with the competitive pricing the industry can offer. We have over three different pricing plans you can choose depending on the size of your business and the capabilities you need, such as integration with Microsoft Teams or Slack.

4. Anticipate for future changes
Change is inevitable, and having collaboration software that meets the demands of your company and is flexible to the ever-changing times is probably the best choice there is. Its dynamics should also suit your company's rate of change in technological hardware. The longer it can serve you as you grow, the better for your company. With regard to this, you'll be thrilled to learn that we're introducing the next-gen BlueJeans that make collaboration hassle-free.

The upshot
Now that most employees are working remotely, collaboration software has grown to be the mainstream of many companies, and choosing the right software will make or break your company. We recommend putting your investment where there is value for money.

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