Industry analyst/influencers Dave Michels and Evan Kirstel recently chatted with our CEO, Quentin Gallivan, for their TalkingHeadz Podcast series about the company and industry at large.

As we’ve highlighted in recent posts, 2019 was a big year for BlueJeans—especially considering, as Dave points out, there is no other segment within enterprise communications that is getting more attention now than video.

In the podcast, Quentin takes Dave and Evan through some of the recent changes and announcements at BlueJeans. One of the many things you will learn—beyond the story behind our name—is Quentin’s professional background in leading companies to success (and who some mentors of his have been), his strategic three-year strategic plan for BlueJeans and the potential for 5G in the enterprise.

Beyond that, here are several other questions Quentin addresses in the podcast:

  • You’ve been the CEO of BlueJeans for 2/3 years, but this is not your first swing as CEO. Thoughts on the role of the CEO?
  • This is technically your first time in the enterprise communications space. Thoughts on the industry?
  • You’re a videoconferencing company, but you talk a lot about making meetings better, more productive, easier…Why do meetings suck?
  • The nature of meetings are changing. What’s your future meeting outlook; will there be more meetings?
  • Everyone’s been talking about productivity for 20-30 years, but we haven’t seen it. Do you see AI as a breakthrough? Is this the reason we’ll become more productive in the coming years? Where do you see the future of work?
  • Video-first communications has finally arrived, which means there are some big competitors in the space. You’re partnered with many of these companies. What’s the strategy there?
  • You have a blue-chip list of customers. What’s your secret to success there?
  • We’re all a product of our era. How do you navigate through today’s new world of work where there’s disruption and constant change?
  • In April, you announced $100M in recurring revenue. What did that mean for you? And what about this move to become more profitable and cash-flow positive?
  • Where will BlueJeans be a year from now? And have we reached peak ‘unicorn’ height in tech?
  • Can you tell us about your latest 5G for the enterprise announcement with Verizon and Samsung?

BlueJeans is at the forefront of making meetings more productive by transforming the customer experience. Like many in our industry, the company has gone through a few recent transitions that will set us up for continued success in the year (and decade) ahead—and we are excited for what's to come! You can check out the full podcast with Quentin and accompanying article here.

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