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Takeaways From the Future of Work Expo

Last week I attended the Future of Work Expo with my colleague, Steve Weinstock, who spoke on a panel exploring how to improve meetings and collaboration with AI moderated by Jon Arnold.  The Future of Work Expo is part of IT Expo, a flagship event for technology buyers and influencers for the past 20 years. The “supershow” includes a number of co-located conferences on topics including the future of work, IoT, and blockchain so attendees, speakers and exhibitors get a focused discussion and a broad industry pulse. 

Below are some of the highlights from the panel:

  • Nature vs nurture. Culture vs tech. In many cases the meeting and collaboration technology has evolved more quickly than the corporate culture - we need to have higher expectations for meetings – Steve Weinstock, Director, Integration Partnerships, BlueJeans
  • Your IQ drops 15 points when you multitask. It literally makes you dumber – Omar Tawakol, CEO, Voicea
  • A Cisco survey found only 24% of people said virtual meetings are productive - Eran Levy, Director of Thought Leadership and C-Suite Marketing, Cisco
  • ROI for some teams or companies may be spending less time in meetings. Making them more efficient and productive. People show up prepared and meetings are quicker - Steve Weinstock, Director, Integration Partnerships, BlueJeans
  • 100% engagement and fast follow up. We are trying to democratize those meeting characteristics - Omar Tawakol, CEO, Voicea

It was a good discussion and I think the session attendees received pragmatic tips on how to incorporate AI tools and use them as part of a larger effort to evolve culture and collaboration habits that ultimately benefit the team and company.

That evening we had dinner with several partners and influencers to discuss the show and build relationships. Several of our integration partners were also at the show, including SennheiserHugo and YealinkRich Tehrani from TMCNet (the conference organizer) and industry analyst Ira Weinstein also joined us.

I use the BlueJeans meeting platform everyday, but I also know there is no reason to replace the value that comes from a shared in-person group experience. It was a productive and fun evening that reminds me why this is such an exciting part of the technology industry.