Your meetings are personal. They're where you invest your most valuable resource—your time—in collaborating with others to share ideas, plan projects, and get your best work done. While there are some proven best practices to running effective meetings, what about setting up your meetings solution so that it's optimized to how you prefer to conduct your meetings?

BlueJeans recently rolled out a variety of advanced meeting settings that enable meeting hosts to personalize their BlueJeans experience to best suit their needs. Additionally, enterprise administrators now have the ability to enable or disable these settings for their entire enterprise or for individual users, in case there are unique requirements for varying departments within the organization.

Here are the meeting settings available to BlueJeans Meetings hosts:

  • Add Participant Passcode—Participants will need to input a passcode before they are allowed to join your meeting.
  • Enable Auto-Recording—Start recording the meeting automatically.
  • Start Meetings Without a Moderator—Meeting will start as soon as any two participants arrive.
  • Always Encrypt Meetings—Allow only encrypted end points to join. Video Conferencing Systems are required to have AES encryption turned on.
  • Crop Video—Crop video to best fit the room layout.
  • Disable Chat Messaging—Disable Chat Messaging for the meeting.
  • Mute Participants on Entry—Mute participants automatically when they join your meeting.
  • Turn Off Participant Video on Entry—Turn off participant's video camera automatically when they join the meeting.
  • Silent Participation Entry Mode—Disable audible participant entry and exit tones and disable participant entry and exit banners.
  • Participant Names in Email Invitation—Show participants names in meeting invites.

Meeting hosts also have the ability to lock meetings to disable additional participants from joining as a precautionary security measure for private and confidential meetings. Additionally, meeting hosts can control the preferred video layout format to best support the meeting's objectives.

Overall, BlueJeans understands that the most important thing for each of our meeting hosts is to have a productive meeting. By enabling users to customize their settings, we hope that they are better able to archive the outcomes they desire.

For more information about enabling your default BlueJeans Meetings settings, please click here.