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Spreading the BlueJeans Love

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and happiness. It’s the one day of the year when you get to tell people how much they matter to you, why you love them, and how they make your life better. For us here at BlueJeans, those people are our customers.

Without you, BlueJeans would not exist. Without your trust, we could not continue to innovate our products and provide you with quality meeting solutions. So thank you. Thank you to all of our customers who have trusted us to deliver your teams. Thank you to those of you who have referred BlueJeans to your colleagues, and thank you to everyone who has posted reviews on G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, and Gartner Peer Insights. We truly couldn’t do it without you. 

In honor of the day of romance, we want to take a moment to highlight some of the love customers have shared with us about their favorite BlueJeans features. 

Ease of Use

“As part of the IT department, ease of use is an important factor we consider when rolling out new products to our global team. BlueJeans makes it easy for our partners to collaborate whether it's from a conference room, laptop, or mobile device.  And the less time needed for training and troubleshooting means more time to focus on the important things!”
- Denise Kozlowski, Wieden + Kennedy


“As an end user, I love the simplicity of scheduling meetings through Outlook and joining with the BlueJeans app! Only having to push one button to a join a meeting makes the meeting more efficient, as people aren’t spending time trying to figure out how to join the call. And as a BlueJeans administrator, I love Command Center! It is so easy to use, and I can quickly pull reports and feedback for my management team.”
- Kaitlyn Richardson, Expeditors


“What I really enjoy about BlueJeans is that it's easy for my coaching clients to connect with me.  Our calls are seamless. With other programs, connectivity and lag were often issues, but with BlueJeans, we're able to quickly jump on a call and converse real-time without worry of dropped video or audio calls.  Whether I'm hosting a one-on-one coaching call or a group coaching call with 20 people, I know that we'll be able to connect without technical interruptions.”
- Claudia Sheridan, Small Business Breakthrough

Quick Installation

“I love that BlueJeans is so quick to install. You can download it on a PC, Mac, or mobile device once, and it is good to go. The longest time I have to wait for remote user to install BlueJeans is about 30 seconds. And once it installed, the user can simply choose audio and video options right on the landing page and go forward with the meeting.”
- Tony Cherm, Hearst

Global Accessibility

"I truly appreciate how BlueJeans gives us multiple ways to join meetings, and on a global scale. With Red Hat having such a global footprint, and day-to-day meetings being the lifeblood of our collaborative experience, BlueJeans allows us to meet face-to-face, virtually, with our customers and within our teams. Red Hat teams span continents, and BlueJeans certainly is the vital cog in the IT wheel that much of our employees rotate around."
- Joe Griffo, Red Hat

It Just Works

“I love BlueJeans because it helps us get users connected using many different devices easily. Our college uses BlueJeans to connect both faculty and students to their classes, meetings, and breakout sessions. First time BlueJeans users rarely experience issues, and if they do it has always been a quick and easy fix for our administrators. I would recommend BlueJeans to any organization that is looking for a way to simplify the way they connect using video conferencing.”
- Liz Elza, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

On this Valentine’s Day, we hope you feel as loved as we do. Thank you again to everyone who has spread the BlueJeans love with their colleagues and friends! 

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