Part of an ongoing series devoted to marketing webinars, BlueJeans and Splash teamed up for an in-depth look at how integrating both platforms converts more registrants and attendees into customers. On the one hand, BlueJeans Events is designed for large-scale, interactive video streaming with engagement features that help organizations nurture prospects during live presentations. On the other hand, Splash is a world-class event management solution that offers branded touchpoints and data-driven retargeting options following your live webinar.

Learn how the partnership between these applications brings your marketing and sales objectives into closer reach with highly influential promotion, customization, and event participation tools.

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Check out the summary below from Zach Napolitano from Splash and Justin McHeffey from BlueJeans.
What Is Splash?
  • Event Marketing Solution focusing on three key areas: Design, Data, and Scale
  • Application for promoting on-brand virtual events that accelerate business impace
  • RSVP and registrant tracking system that offers attendee ‘check-ins’ for up-to-the-minute lead data
What Is BlueJeans Events?
  • Virtual venue for engagement marketing, experiential content, and customer activation
  • Product and pipeline driver with in-event lead qualification tools
  • Modernized alternative to worn-out webinars
How does the integration work for Splash and BlueJeans Events?
Integrating these products only takes a few moments and event organizers have two options for creating a fully customized live webinar experience. Administrators can select one or both integrations when setting up a BlueJeans Event with Splash.
Automated: Native Integration
Once enabled, the entire BlueJeans Event setup experience takes place through the Splash dashboard. This minimizes workflows between multiple applications so event managers can seamlessly schedule their virtual event. These are the main benefits:
  • Create and link BlueJeans Events
  • Splash event details update in BlueJeans
  • Sync Splash registrants to BlueJeans
  • Keep CRM and MAP systems connected

Embedded: Virtual Event Touchpoint

This allows event managers to generate an HTML code for their BlueJeans Event that can be embedded into a Splash landing page. This works very well if you’re trying to contain your live video stream within your domain. However, this option only allows a one-way viewing experience without attendee access to some in-event participation features. These are the main benefits:
  • Embed BlueJeans live stream into a Splash page
  • Provide a fully wrapped and branded experience
  • Capture and sync guest registration and check-in info to CRM and MAP systems
  • Ability to gate content so it’s exclusive to registered guests
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