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SpawGlass Delivers Great Construction Experiences Using BlueJeans

SpawGlass Uses BlueJeans at Construction Sites

About SpawGlass

A Texas-based commercial and civil contractor, SpawGlass was founded in 1953 by Louis Spaw and Frank Glass, hence the name SpawGlass. With 10 offices across Texas, the company has approximately 725 employees and is 100 percent employee-owned—with ownership open to all employees. The company’s mission is to provide clients with the absolute best construction experience.

The Challenge

As an employee-owned company, SpawGlass is unique in the construction industry. Currently, approximately 370 team members are employee-owners, instilling a sense of personal pride in the work that ultimately benefits both clients and the quality of the end product. This personal pride is also prevalent in the way that SpawGlass works with their vendors—no one wants to spend more than necessary on a product that does not meet the organization’s needs. 

This is why the IT team spent months evaluating video conferencing software before deciding on BlueJeans. They were looking for a platform that would allow for easy communication for management and construction teams alike. And because they must answer to other employee owners, they were also looking for a tool that provided the best value at a cost-effective price.

SpawGlass + BlueJeans

By working with resell partner Arkadin, IT Manager Keefe Andrews and his team were able to find five initial options that could address their needs. They then sent out a questionnaire where they outlined 15 questions—only those with satisfactory answers made it to the next round. BlueJeans, Skype for Business, and WebEx Teams were the final three contenders. 

To find a winner, SpawGlass brought all three platforms onsite in three separate offices. The three platforms battled head-to-head as the IT team determined which was easiest to install and executives determined which was easiest to use. After testing, each person got to vote for their favorite. BlueJeans received an overwhelming vote, made even sweeter when the team saw the difference in price.

Once BlueJeans was installed throughout the organization, the entire team jumped on board with the platform. Executives and the operations staff use BlueJeans for team updates and one-on-one meetings between locations, allowing employees to work from whichever office they choose.

Workers in the field have also found BlueJeans to be useful for day-to-day operations. With each construction project, SpawGlass employs a number of subcontractors who are in charge of plumbing, steel, concrete, and more. With BlueJeans, the project managers in the field can have face-to-face meetings with these subcontractors, as well as with the architects, the building owners, and the home office. Andrews and his team set up each project team with their own computer and camera, so they can run scheduled and ad-hoc video conferencing meetings. 

“In our industry, collaboration with all the team members on our projects is critical. Having BlueJeans, a solution that is flexible, reliable, and can be used by anyone on any device, with no plug-in or download required is a huge deal.”
—Keefe Andrews, IT Manager

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