Spatial Audio

Imagine for a moment you are gathered in a meeting room with few teammates, exchanging stories from the weekend. Someone on your left cracks a joke and sends everyone into a fit of laughter, while someone to the right joins in the banter that puts the team in a positive space for collaboration. The concept of spatial audio comes from this type of in-person audio experience, where sound presents itself from distinct locations rather than a single source. It’s how we are going to minimize meeting fatigue going forward.
What is spatial audio?
Spatial audio is a type of audio quality that presents sound from distinct locations, so it creates the experience of hearing from multiple spaces around you. When spatial audio is incorporated, listeners experience an improved sense of focus and concentration.
How to minimize meeting fatigue with spatial audio
Meeting fatigue happens because we experience sound coming from the same location at every meeting. There is no differentiation from person to person, which causes participants to feel sluggish and “zone out” of the call.
Obviously, this impacts the effectiveness of the meeting as well as the productivity of the people who are attending. The good news is spatial audio gives us that in-person experience for video conferencing. We no longer suffer through single-source audio quality, and we can focus on the content of the meeting.
There are other clear advantages to this breakthrough sound, too.
The benefits of spatial audio for video conferencing
1. Suppresses background noise. Due to the nature of spatial audio, you can look forward to virtual meetings without the interruption of sirens, loud neighbors, or coffeehouse chatter in the background.
2. Maintains consistent volume. We all have loud people and quiet people in our meetings. With spatial audio, all speakers come through at the same volume.
3. Simplifies dialogue. Even when voices overlap, dialogue flows without delay. Everyone can be heard and understood, so participation is easier.
When you think about it , this next-level audio is a simple solution for minimizing meeting fatigue. It makes virtual meetings more appealing whether you work remotely or engage in the hybrid workforce.
Experience spatial audio for yourself
It makes more sense once you hear the difference. You’ll notice BlueJeans with built-in spatial audio provides natural, high-definition sound with superior background noise suppression, so everyone can be heard regardless of their location.
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