Small Business Saturday is right around the corner—and to show support for our small business customers, we’re hosting a series of SMB webinars with Yahoo! Small Business into November to highlight how customers have managed through the pandemic using tools like video conferencing.

Kicking off Part 1 of 3 on Friday, October 30, at 10am PT / 1pm ET with a conversation with David Hepburn, Chief Creative Officer of Hepburn Creative, Inc., the series will cover topics including how the transition from brick and mortar to online-only has impacted the identity of small businesses and best practices to create an online presence to generate awareness, leads, and customer feedback.

Furthermore, we’ll touch on the many different ways to utilize video conferencing software… (it’s not just for meetings!) and provide tips to optimize your video-meeting presence with the right camera angles, virtual backgrounds, lighting, and audio.

Wondering how much importance to put on face to face engagement? Or what this new virtual-only world means to the success of your business? Tune in Friday for our conversation with David as he shares how to put your best face (literally) forward and elevate the look and feel of both your personal and corporate brand.

As a videography business, Hepburn Creative helps businesses create videos and marketing to connect to people and inspire them to take action: buy a product, donate to a cause, subscribe to a service.

He’s worked with all different types of businesses to educate them on how to incorporate video, no matter what stage of the process they’re at, in order to drive business success.

When David’s team implemented a few simple changes into the way they communicate with their customers, they saw a significant jump in engagement with their audience. According to Hepburn, “When you clearly communicate your product or service, customers understand and buy what you sell.”

Register today for the first part in this conversational series with small business owners as we discuss real challenges plus tips and tricks to come out ahead in this new digital-first, video conferencing era!

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