While selling styles and cycle lengths will vary based on the products, regions, and people involved, the sales process remains largely the same whether you’re an enterprise or a small mom and pop shop: 1) Make initial contact, 2) Qualify the prospect, 3) Present your product/solution, 4) Allow for time to evaluate, 5) Close the deal, 6) Ask for referrals.

Similarly, SMB sales people have the same needs to connect with teammates, customers, and partners as enterprises. But unlike their larger counterparts, many small businesses lack the resources to effectively compete in today's marketplace. Individuals in these organizations wear many hats, putting a premium on their time and resulting in zero tolerance for navigating technical complexity.

They are constantly on the move and require an easy and reliable solution that delivers a consistent and secure experience. Unfortunately, many sales professionals are often forced to use technology that is counterproductive to their goal. Email is impersonal, phone calls can be screened, and in-person visits are quickly becoming a thing of the past—in today’s environment, video conferencing is for closers.

Small business sales teams need a more effective way to communicate and negotiate contracts with prospects, and they need it in an easy to access way. Here are a few of the main benefits of using video conferencing to help get that deal over the finish line:

  1. Meet Face-to-Face with Prospects

Video meetings are better than traditional audio calls or web meetings because they provide the context prospects need to empathize and listen. Additionally, video provides salespeople with the ability to assess body language and gauge reactions, making it possible to know whether the prospect is truly interested or simply being polite. This allows them to follow-up in the correct manner and know it may not be worth the time.

  1. Provide Interactive Demos with Annotation and Screen Share Features

Especially for software companies, features like screen sharing and annotation provide an easy way for reps to walk prospects through the product interface and features, while highlighting key features to showcase how they can use the software in their own environment.

  1. Record and Send Video Introductions

Tired of the same boring introduction email? Make it more exciting for the prospect and increase engagement rates by introducing yourself via video! Simply record a BlueJeans call where you introduce yourself and the company, and then make it personal by talking about how the solution can help the prospect. Once the recording is complete, download and send it. Then sit back and wait to see how your prospects respond.

  1. Reduce the Need for Travel

COVID has made us all hesitant to travel for work or pleasure, but prospects still want to feel like they are important—especially when signing contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Video conferencing allows for that personal touch. Prospects can read your body language, get a full view of the product and truly understand what they’re buying without needing to shake your hand in person, ensuring that no deal gets halted by a lack of face-to-face interaction.

Over the past few years, we’ve made several feature updates to our Meetings platform that enhance the sales process. We started by launching BlueJeans Meetings in the Browser, which allows meeting hosts to preselect whether attendees will be directed to download the client or join directly via browser link. For sales people, this means spontaneous and instant video, audio and web conferencing access to prospects and customers with just one click in order to further streamline the selling process. Simply send the meeting invitation and the user can join directly from their computer—no extra download required.

We took things one step further with the launch of Smart Meetings. With Smart Meetings, sales reps can improve customer relationships and increase win rates through a mix of machine and human intelligence for added productivity and efficiency at every meeting touchpoint.

Ultimately, video conferencing platforms like BlueJeans make it possible to close more deals by engaging with customers face-to-face from anywhere. Whether you need it for meeting new prospects, demoing a product or connecting with current customers, BlueJeans has the solution you need to succeed. Are you in it to win it?

Learn more about how BlueJeans can benefits sales teams in the Data Sheet Video Meetings for Sales, and check out the Let’s Do Video Review of our BlueJeans WebRTC Experience.