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Smarter Sales with BlueJeans: Get the Upper Hand with Meeting Highlights

Until now, keeping accurate notes of customer calls has challenged sales reps, relationship managers, and consultants. Aside from dividing your attention while the client is speaking, there’s an inherent risk of missing the finer details while racing to capture their comments. Even the best note takers can’t package the spoken word with nuanced human emotion into one digital file.

According to a study of human psychology, 93% of communication happens non-verbally through body language and tone of voice, while the remaining 7% comes from what was said.

Rather than sacrificing a genuine connection with your customers, BlueJeans Smart Meetings strengthens the person-to-person exchange of thoughts, questions, and follow-up items.

Capture the Conversation Essentials
Use meeting highlights to instantly mark and record 40 seconds of content, including audio, video, and screen share. The highlight is then stored in the interactive BlueJeans Smart Meetings Hub for a quick reference of all relevant talking points.

Imagine the time saved and organization gained by locating a digital record of the conversation’s “greatest hits.” Make as many highlights as you’d like during the meeting to extract your customer’s most important questions and opinions.

The benefit of highlights as opposed to traditional note taking is realized immediately — everything in that part of the meeting is captured in a single click. 

Assign Actions and Follow-Up Tasks
“What did they ask at the beginning? How many new licenses do they need? Who am I supposed to contact on his team?!” Whether it’s an essential detail or simply good relationship management, these actions and follow-ups items never get lost again.

BlueJeans Smart Meetings allow anyone to quickly assign next steps and tag all relevant parties within the highlight workflow. Once the meeting ends, all of your customer’s needs and dependencies are contained in the same interactive post-meeting recording.

Consume Conversations Instantly
Instead of scrolling through a 60-minute video meeting timeline, only watch the highlighted moments that matter. Just like the top 10 football plays during a sports broadcast, highlight “auto-play” gives you an instant recap of what you and your customer talked about.

This makes a big difference when preparing for a follow-up call. Say you need to re-evaluate their pain points and develop a strategy for the next move in your sales cycle. Now, their reactions and buying behavior are consumable in a fraction of the time.

Plus, for anyone else that you’d like to view the highlights, add them to the post-meeting email for complete access to all major talking points, actions, decisions, and customer questions. Can’t answer a technical question during your call? Share the highlights with your product team for an immediate turnaround to any curveball question.   

Next time you have an important customer-facing call, don’t attempt to listen, scribble, and care at the same time. BlueJeans Smart Meetings was designed for the modern workforce. Improve relationships and increase win rates with productivity and efficiency for every meeting touchpoint.