Earlier this month, we told you about our newest innovation—BlueJeans Smart Meetings. Now, we want to dive into greater detail about the platform’s benefits when it comes to project management in meetings. Here’s a quick look at how you can save time and increase productivity across the entire meeting lifecycle. By optimizing efficiency before, during and after a typical scrum meeting, you can reduce meeting duration and frequency from your work week.

Project Management
You know that hour-long eye sore that blocks your Tuesday morning? The weekly scrum, or stand-up, or task management meeting that always feels like an eternity. Traditionally, we’ve needed these recurring check-ups to prevent projects from stalling. But the truth is, the hour breaks down to one-part substance, and three-parts yak yak yak…That can make it challenging to recall meaningful moments with a group of stakeholders within your department, let alone cross functionally.

We often rely on memory or scribble notes to capture and assign action items. However, once the meeting ends, you can’t consume a single line of that brain-fried chicken scratch. Further, prioritization of “next steps” is rarely unanimous because everyone has their own opinion. Now, you can democratize the meeting with highlights, action tags, and @ mentions. These features allow all participants to extract the most essential talking points—making them quickly referenceable to bolster follow-through and accountability.

When participants assign responsibilities to each other it ensures downstream execution of deadlines. At the end of the scrum, moderators can send all @ mentioned members a full email summary with a link to meeting highlights, whether they were in attendance or not. There’s a two-fold benefit to this task management system.

Rather than jotting notes during the meeting and sifting through them afterward, all project dependencies live in the same place — the BlueJeans Meetings Hub. Further, project contributors can skip meetings while still understanding what is expected of them. Everything important is flagged during the conversation and instantly consumable for anyone with the link.

The Battle of Time vs. Titles
When I look at my boss’s calendar (Sr. Director) or his boss’s calendar (SVP) I shudder at the gridlock. “Back-to-back" is an all-too-common work word for scrum leaders in middle and upper management. When we surveyed 700 professionals across all business segments, the results were clear: Managers want their time back. Stop letting inefficient meetings sap productivity and drain your workday.

Although scrum sessions aren’t going away any time soon, crowd sourcing with BlueJeans Smart Meetings delivers context where it’s needed the most: Managing projects, timelines, and people.

Want to see BlueJeans Smart Meetings for yourself? Let us show you how to run efficient, intelligent project scrums and be more clock-wise with your team!