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Smart Meetings With Let's Do Video (Review)

Did you hear the news? Yesterday we launched BlueJeans Smart Meetings—a new way to meet and improve productivity before, during and after meetings.

While there are lots of great collaboration tools out there, the industry focus has been on improving operational quality. Smart Meetings instead focuses on improving meeting quality and efficiency through a combination of machine learning and human intelligence.

With new features like crowd-sourced meetings notes, real-time transcription, and a video highlights reel that allows you to go back and digest only what matters to you, BlueJeans Smart Meetings will allow you to reclaim your workday and free up your calendar from unnecessary meetings!

We think it’s pretty great, and the analyst community agrees. In fact, CEO and Founder of Let’s Do Video, David Maldow recently took the time to record a stellar video review that explains how BlueJeans Smart Meetings has the power to improve employee happiness by driving higher rates of productivity. Here's a snapshot:



Head here to watch the full video, which will help you will understand:

  • Intelligence and crowd-sourcing capabilities within BlueJeans Smart Meetings
  • Opportunities for better team and individual contributions based on cutting-edge productivity tools from BlueJeans Smart Meetings
  • A complete demonstration of live- and post-meeting functionality with BlueJeans Smart Meetings 

You may still come away asking yourself, but will people share their video? Make clips? Use the transcript? We think so. And as David points out, while this is new for business, this intelligent workflow itself is already very familiar to anyone who uses commercial streaming platforms. “This is new without being new,” he says.

At BlueJeans, we’re all about creating smarter meetings. There will always be action items after meetings—Smart Meetings provides a better way to make sure they get done.

We’re excited to see how quickly you all pick up on this! #getsmart

To test out BlueJeans Smart Meetings for yourself, download your free trial today!