If you’re new to remote work or just need a refresher, here’s a quick what’s-what regarding BlueJeans’ security features. Whether you are meeting with your boss for your next one-on-one or hosting a large group for a project planning session, the following features will ensure that your meetings remain secure and your content remains private.

In-Meeting Security Features

The following end-user settings prevent unwanted participants from joining meetings with privacy options designed to put controls in the hands of every meeting host and attendee.

  • Meeting ID: A randomized nine-digit ID is assigned to each meeting to keep the credentials private.
  • Participant Passcode: A second level of authentication that can be enabled for each meeting.
  • Application Share: The ability to show only individual applications, rather than a participant’s entire screen, to avoid unwanted content or notifications to be seen by others.
  • Lock Meeting: During a meeting, the session may be locked down to only include those participants that are in attendance.
  • Expel Participant: During a meeting, any participant can quickly be removed with the click of a button.
  • Encrypted Video Calls: An option that forces a BlueJeans Meeting to only allow endpoints with sufficient encryption capabilities.

Additionally, video conferencing safeguards for admins are paramount for any organization. In order to ensure airtight video conferences, enterprise-wide restrictions and customizations are available to technology managers for peace of mind across their deployment.

Group Administrator Security Features and End-User Permissions

BlueJeans offers industry-leading protection for IT teams to enforce meeting security from an administrative dashboard, including:

  • User Authentication Options (standard user password configuration or SAML Single Sign-On)
  • Password join requirements
  • Password manager for updating and randomizing codes
  • Failed login notifications
  • Role-based access for Command Center
  • Enable users to control live meetings within their enterprise

Whether you’re joining a meeting as a participant or manage your organization’s video conferencing, BlueJeans’ security, performance, manageability, and scalability has delivered excellence to global customers for over a decade. Give us a test drive and try BlueJeans for free.

Want a deeper dive into data protection and fraud management? Visit our Secure Video Conferencing page and read the BlueJeans Technical Guide.