With more people working from home than ever before, video conferencing and online meetings are becoming increasingly common and the main type of communication that many professionals have with their colleagues. Having online meetings has a different feel to it than meeting in person in a conference room, and there's a learning curve to it.
When it comes to collaborating virtually, the easiest way is for people to share their screens so their co-workers can see exactly what they are looking at and talking about. There are various methods that can be used to share one's screen on a Windows machine. Here are some screen-sharing tools for Windows.
How to screen share on a Windows PC
There are tools built into the Windows operating system that allow you to mirror your screen to another device, like a Wi-Fi-connected TV, which you would do through the Devices section of your Settings menu, under the Bluetooth & other devices section. If that's not what you're looking for, and instead you need to share your screen with other participants in a video conference or webinar, you would have to use software that has that feature.
Windows screen sharing tools
BlueJeans Meetings is a software that allows you to be as productive in online meetings as you are at in-person meetings, if not even more productive. The software suite has a variety of features that help you to customize your meeting or brainstorming session to your specific needs, including:
  • The ability to divide the meeting into smaller groups for discussions.
  • Allows you to create highlight reels from your meetings.
  • And screen sharing, with an easy and intuitive method to allowing you to broadcast your screen to others.
BlueJeans has a screen share icon at the top of the menu when you're in the software. Clicking gives you a couple of options. One is to share your entire screen, which you would do by clicking the first option. If you prefer to share just a specific application that you have open, you can do that instead.
The bottom section of the screen share menu lists the applications you are using. You simply select the app you want to share, and the other participants in the meeting will only see that from your device instead of your whole screen. If other programs besides the one you choose to share appear on your screen, they will be covered in gray and not visible to your colleagues, ensuring only your selected application is seen by everyone.
BlueJeans also has a Share Screen Only option that suppresses your audio and video, allowing you just to share your screen or view other people's shared screens in an attempt to prevent audio feedback.
Find out how BlueJeans can help
If your organization has a lot of people working from home and participating in many online meetings, BlueJeans has a solution for you. The software builds upon what is available natively in the Windows operating system, and it has features that can't be found in similar software suites. We allow you to meet with HD video and unmatched Dolby Voice audio.
Contact us today, and one of the experts on our team will be in touch to let you know why our software is the right solution for you.