Screen sharing software gives you the ability to enhance your online meeting in an entirely new way. Gone are the days of emailing a clunky presentation to every attendee in your meeting. No more uploading a file to your website, hoping that they will all follow along with the page while you talk. Screen sharing programs give you control over your presentation while your attendees can sit back and follow by watching your stream.
What is Screen Sharing Software?
In essence, a screen-sharing app allows you to share your computer screen with others. They see what you see on your screen and can view your activity in real-time. Screen sharing services are ideal for online meetings and presentations. It exempts you from the time and effort involved in sending documents, videos, links, and files. You can use it to your advantage in unique ways:
Product demonstrations
When working with potential customers show them, rather than supplying them with generic answers. It is the next best thing to hands-on, showing off the benefits of your product or service.
Remote training
Sending links for tutorials is a way to provide a basic understanding, but proficiency is the goal in training. For your clients and teams, screen sharing provides the opportunity to get clarity and remove the guesswork.
Collaboration and remote work
With the trend in working remotely, screen sharing enables your employees to work together on documents even though they are not physically together. Various team members can take over the screen sharing during the session for increased convenience and productivity.
How to Choose the Best Screen Sharing Software
Online chat and video have been the standard online meeting tools, but the ability to show your staff and clients what you are doing by connecting them to your screen takes your presentation up a notch. Doing an online search brings up a bounty of screen-sharing sites, so how do you decide? It begins with determining exactly what you will be using your screen-sharing software to do. Will you use it for meetings, sales presentations, training, webinars, or educational events?
First, your screen-sharing app should look clean and attractive. Second, it should be easy to learn, master and use. There is much more to it. The following features will give you an idea of how screen sharing service can support your requirements:
  • Web-based to make it viable for Mac and Windows users
  • Works will all operating systems and devices
  • Another user can be given permission to share their own screen
  • Drawing or pointing tool to emphasize certain information
  • A chat function for asking questions or sharing links
  • Ability to select what is shared on the screen
  • Presentations can be recorded and shared
  • Sufficient stability to present with various devices over the Internet
  • Pre-built integrations with other tools and/or third-party services
  • Supports multiple attendees
  • Clear, transparent, flexible pricing
  • Offer to test a free trial version
  • Excellent, on-demand customer support
Enhance Business Operations with Screen Sharing Programs
Screen sharing programs give your company a powerful way to adapt to the new way of operating, allowing instant collaboration anywhere at any time. It is endlessly valuable and can be used in infinite ways to place your company on the leading edge. There is no longer a need to spend an entire day traveling just to hold a meeting that lasts for a half-hour. Effective communication is the cornerstone for any business and the best screen sharing software gives you the advantage of having virtual face-to-face interaction with hundreds of viewers at once. Screen sharing software is the advance in technology that will revolutionize the way you do business.