Why do we like to replay screen recordings? Essentially, a screen recording is a video that combines the two senses most likely to capture our attention – visual and auditory. Even if we prefer to be surrounded by peace and quiet, our brains are naturally inclined to perk up where there are movement and noise. In fact, it is programmed to retain as much as 95 percent of a message when it is watched. That is a powerful reason to replay a screen recording. Take note: the most effective screen recordings are high quality. Not only do you need to know how to record what is visible on your screen, but you must know how to screen record with sound.
Why to use screen recording
As a marketing and teaching tool
Screen recording encompasses all types of content. It can include video footage, text, graphics, charts, graphs, photographs, links, and music. You can use a screen recording to tell a great story about your company. It makes the information easier to digest and understand. Consumers love watching video from screen recordings and are apt to share it with others. There is no other medium quite like it for getting a point across to an audience.
To increase productivity
In business, we are always concerned about productivity and our bottom line. One of the biggest "time-sucks" we face is the unbelievable number of hours we collectively spend in meetings. Screen recording allows us to reap the benefits of real-time collaboration as a valuable resource for information to increase productivity. Several of the top Fortune 500 companies have chosen to record all business meetings and calls. This is a great reason to know how to screen record with audio.
How to screen record with sound
There are a number of "do's" and "don'ts" while recording with BlueJeans. This holds true for knowing how to screen record on mac with sound, or for any device. It will make or break the effectiveness of your screen recording as a marketing tool, educational tool or customer relations tool. As the meeting moderator, is up to you to start and stop the screen recording (unless you have auto-recording enabled). You also have the option to stop and resume the recording during the session.
Do this when screen recording with sound:
  • Place your computer or device in a location with minimal background noise
  • Use a good quality external mic and headphones rather than a built-in mic
  • Prior to your designated meeting time, test your own mic for sound quality and volume
  • As the participants join the call, have them test their mics before the recording starts
  • Ask your participants to speak clearly and directly into the mic without shouting
  • If several people in your office are sharing the same mic, place it near to the person that is speaking
  • Once you click on the "Start Rec" button to start the recording, watch for the blinking red icon that indicates the session is being recorded
Don't do this when screen recording with sound:
  • Place your recording device near an open window, telephones, in a noisy location or outside
  • Position your mic so close to your face that everyone can hear you breathe
  • Touch your mic or grab it carelessly
  • Cough, sneeze or clear your throat directly into your mic
  • Chatter to others in the background while others are speaking into their mics
  • Make phone calls or send text messages with your cell phone
  • Rustle papers, open and close books, rattle pens or chew food
High-speed Internet for screen recording with sound
Video conferencing relies on the Internet, so you must be in a location with a stable Internet connection to ensure your screen and audio recording are the best. It is not a good idea to join a video conference call when you are on the road. Be sure to close all other tabs and applications that you will not be used during the recording. Knowing how to screen record with sound for the best quality results in a final product that keeps your viewers on task and your business on target.
It is always important to make sure that your microphone is working and that your environment is conducive before you start screen recording with sound. If it isn’t the recording will be distracting and less useful. Give BlueJeans a try today and see why so many companies prefer it as their video calling software.