When you want to record a game or an app on your window's screen, you need a tool that makes it easy and fast. Windows comes with a built-in screen recorder tool, but you can still rely on third-party apps like BlueJeans for more advanced features that do a better job. Without further ado, here is how to record your screen.

The 2 Basic Methods for Recording Your Screen on Windows 11

If you’re in a hurry but still need to know the options for screen recordings in Windows version 11, here are the main options:

  • Screen Recorder in Snipping Tool
  • Record with Xbox Game Bar

Screen Recorder in Snipping Tool 

Snipping Tool is a built-in recording application that comes with Windows 11. In just a few easy steps, you can select a portion of your screen and start recording:

  • Search for “Snipping Tool” in the Start menu search box.
  • Go to the top toolbar and press the Record button, then press New.
  • To indicate the portion of the screen you want to record, click to drag and drop a rectangle.
  • Press Start. You will see a 3-second countdown for your recording.
  • When you are finished recording, press Stop. Your recording will be saved by default in the Videos folder, but you can also copy it into memory or share using the Share dialog.

It’s important to note that with this method, the only supported format is MP4. Audio recording is not supported, nor is there a shortcut to jump directly into recording like there is for Snipping.

Record with Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox game bar is used to record games on your PC or the ones you stream. The feature can also record video from your screen using any Windows application, web browser, or any other program. The applications you record are saved as an MP4 video file. You can use the feature to record videos on your laptop to capture gameplay or create a tutorial. To make things easier, we show you the steps on how to record your screen on Windows.

  • Press Windows key and G simultaneously to open your game bar dialog.
  • To open a window for capturing your screen, select the Camera icon. You can choose to record your screen as a video or a screenshot.
  • If you don’t want to record audio, be sure to click the Microphone until it has a crossed line symbol over it.
  • Click Record to begin recording.
  • Click Stop when you are finished recording.
  • To review your recording, you can select Show all captures at the bottom of the window.

That's it. All the videos you have recorded are automatically saved as MP4 files. You can find them in the videos folder on the captures subfolder. You can also find the files on the Game DVR menu.

How to Screen Record on Windows Using BlueJeans

BlueJeans is a video meeting service that allows you to host online conferences, video meetings, and live video calls. BlueJeans allows you to save your video meetings thanks to its recording function. Here is how to screen record on Windows with audio using BlueJeans.

  1. Install the video recorder
    Once you install the meeting recorder for BlueJeans, you need to run it on your personal computer. The next thing you have to do is choose a video recorder. Open your BlueJeans app or from your browser.
  2. Record the meeting
    To record the BlueJeans meeting, you need to turn on the display and select “Custom.” Choose the “Select” window and go to the BlueJeans window. Enable the webcam if you want your face to be in the meeting recording. The next thing you have to do is choose an audio source, such as a microphone and system sound. Click the REC button to begin recording.
  3. Save the meeting recording
    Once the recording has ended, you can access it in one of two ways—either by email or through your BlueJeans account. You will receive a link via email when your recording is ready to view.

Why Use the BlueJeans Screen Recorder

  • It is simple to use
  • It is suitable for beginners and professionals
  • It allows you to share videos

As you can see, it’s not complicated to record on a PC, and it will only take a few minutes to record your Windows screen. Using BlueJeans to record your screen is easy and allows you to share your screen recording with the other people on your call.

Try Recording Your Screen with BlueJeans

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2021 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.