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Rosanne Saccone Joins BlueJeans as CMO

I am so excited to formally announce that I have joined BlueJeans as CMO!  After a great five year run at Pentaho, helping the company transform from an SMB open-source BI company to an enterprise big data analytics company, my plan was to take some significant time off to do those things I’d thought I’d been missing… long walks on Crissy Field in the middle of the workday, reading those novels that have been stacking up, and exercising regularly—no, really! Maybe even writing a series of essays on what I’ve learned as a marketing leader in Silicon Valley and how the next generation of women leaders should be fearless and jump on in, the water’s fine (hmmm... I think I see a title emerging). 

Team Using BlueJeans on Screens

But sometimes opportunities come up that are too hard to pass by—the opportunity to help transform an industry, a way of thinking, the way we work in the future. I see BlueJeans as just that opportunity—an innovative, transformative company that is helping companies re-imagine their meeting experiences, to reflect the future of how work and meetings will get done.

BlueJeans is onto something BIG. The leadership team has a bold vision about what the experience should be for how work gets done in the future—whether meetings are large or small, formal or informal, with virtual workforces spread around the globe, with fast-moving ideas that need quick responses and interactions to decide how to take advantage—all things that require a video and audio experience that transcends what we have traditionally thought of as conference calls. I am beyond excited to be part of the next wave of innovation and thought leadership for how organizations effectively use video meetings to work more quickly, more productively, and gain an advantage in a world that constantly shifts. 

Watch this space and stay tuned for more.