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Rise of the Connected Employee

Employees Working with Technology

The rise of the connected employee is being driven by constant revolutions in technology—video, cloud, mobile, social, and data science. Connected employees are expecting their workplace to be as seamless and connected as their mobile apps.

A recent report conducted by Technalysis Research focused on the ever-evolving modern workplace and how these changes are impacting the way we get our work done. With a focus on the newer generations coming through the workplace, the study highlights the differing needs of these employees and the gradual change businesses are facing. Interestingly, one of the biggest findings from the study was where people want to work. Whilst in the past there has been a lot of focus on fluid office spaces with changing desks and open-air offices, the bottom line is that people really want to work from home.

According to the study, employees expect a two hour increase in time spent working when working from home each week. Those between the ages of 35 and 44 years and those most likely to have young children expected to work an extra three hours each week.

The Demands of the New Connected Employee

While it’s helpful that employers understand the changing needs and expectations of employees, it’s vital that businesses adapt to these changes and provide solutions for employees to ensure ultimate workplace satisfaction. 

According to the Technalysis report, a minority of businesses are actually adapting to the changes, with fewer than 30% of businesses having already adopted modern workplace tools. The report found that 66% of all external communications with outside contacts is via email or phone, and 19% don’t use any external collaboration tools. The failure of business to adapt workplace collaboration tools doesn’t match the increasing demands of the connected employee to work flexibly.

The Solution to a Modern Connected Workplace

Ever expanding technologies and tools ensures affordable solutions to accommodate employee demands. According to a study by Frost & Sullivan, video communication tools not only improve productivity and understanding through visual body language but also assist by connecting with employees who are working from home or traveling. Collaboration tools like BlueJeans are easy to implement, manage, and use, ensuring those who have adapted to their changing lifestyle are connected to their workplace.  

This type of technology is the future of business. Without adapting to changing lifestyle needs, your business will be left behind by those who are seeking the latest, innovative technologies to assist in the day-to-day running of the modern workplace.

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